Wire Security Cages & Wire Mesh Partitions Offer Added Security For Businesses

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Safety and security are vital in any thriving operational environment, whether it be keeping employees safe away from dangerous machines or guarding valuable equipment. Luckily, there are lots of ways that businesses can improve their security.

Security cages and mesh partitions are the perfect tools for increasing safety and security in a variety of businesses, offering peace of mind, durability, and flexibility at a low cost.

Security cages and wire mesh partitions are physical barrier guards that separate people or employees from safety risks or for security. They are constructed of steel and allow for the circulation of light and open views, while still preserving their real purpose as security tools.

What Type Of Businesses Need Wire Security Cages And Mesh Partitions?

Wire security cages and mesh partitions are great for in-office spaces, data centers, retail stores, manufacturing and distribution, and more.

Machine Guarding

They are used to protect machinery from damage, from personnel getting injured by machinery, or preventing access by certain personnel. Wire mesh partitions bolt easily together and provide an attractive, clean look for the office environment.

Data Centers

In data centers, wire security cages provide data center companies with proper ventilation of machines and network security. These partitions are erected at all points so that only technicians can have access to a power source, specific servers, and other valuable equipment.

Retail Stores

For retail store operations with prized inventory (jewelry, firearms, tools, etc.) that is protected by glass fronts, wire security cages and wire mesh partitions can be a practical way to add extra security layers of protection.

Additionally, due to the protected visibility they provide, wire security cages are always used in stock rooms. Wire mesh partitions make it easy to access, retrieve, and identify items by also securing the storage at all times.

Manufacturing & Distribution

In manufacturing and distribution, wire security cages are excellent safety and security procedures for industrial operations. These operations include distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. They can also be used as driver entrance/access cages, and tool cribs.

Benefits Of Wire Security Cages & Wire Mesh Partitions

Wire security cages and wire mesh partitions are important assets that increase security for your business, helping you save money, secure your goods and more. They are flexible with your needs and are highly durable to ensure security. Plus, they help with ventilation.

Save money: These wire enclosures help save your business money because they are affordable. Plus, they will help prevent the theft of equipment and products, which can cost your business money.

Provide flexibility: These equipment types are temporary and are mobile by design, so they are easily moved and fit to your needs. Flexibility saves your business both money and time.

High-strength: A steel mesh partition is incredibly strong and made to last. It is practically impossible to damage or break into, helping provide the strength you need to keep your valuable items safe.

Compliance: Wire mesh partitions allow the proper flow of ventilation in and out, which helps your business comply with indoor air guidelines.

Grows with your business: A mesh partition is easily expandable as your business grows, offering a cheap option for security and storage expansion. Wire security cages help to increase safety, protect inventory, and reduce pilferage. Having these kinds of security measures offers you peace of mind for a productive operation.

We Can Help With Your Security Needs

No matter the type of business that you own or operate, we are here to help with your security needs. We can answer any question you have about wire security cages and wire mesh partitions, plus help you implement them in your business.

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