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Working hard to make it easy for you, DACO has a wide variety of packaging equipment for any application. Here at DACO Corporation, we know it can be strenuous to wrap, strap, and seal your products manually when you have a larger production or bigger items. It’s all about how you can improve your overhead and production costs, while making it easier to do business.

Saving a Bundle

Packaging equipment can save you money in many different ways. Here are a few reasons these machines are a game changer with savings for you and your production.

  • Reduces injuries – Manual labor has the potential outcome for injuries, whether it is lifting, cutting, manually wrapping a pallet load, or anywhere in-between. That will never be a concern with solid and dependable equipment.
  • Decrease in material costs – These machines have specific settings, so you won’t have to worry about over-use of your materials, such as stretch film, strapping or tape.
  • Stable and secure avoiding damages – The equipment stabilizes your items for shipment and reduces the changes of it being punctured or damaged during shipment or storage.
  • Cuts down on labor cost – packaging time can be greatly reduced with use of packaging equipment, making this a no brainer. A one-time cost for packaging equipment can have extravagant savings!

Seal the Deal

Did you know we have more than just the Packaging Equipment? We also have the accessories necessary for all of the products. Whether it is the stretch wrap or plastic strapping, we have everything you need to get your equipment up, running, and ready to use instantly. We are here to ensure that you can secure your goods to a pallet, seal your cartons, and make sure you are always stocked with the most efficient products.

That’s a Wrap

If you are wondering what kind of packaging equipment you may be missing out on, here are the machines that we have to assist in your daily shipments:

Here for all of your Shipping Needs

DACO is here to talk you through any of your questions or concerns with all of your shipping processes. If you are shipping any item, we are here to assist! Contact us today for more information or to place an order.

Call us: 1-877-764-0453

Email: info@dacocorp.com

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