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When you’re in the business of moving and transporting products, dunnage bags can be very effective at keeping your load secure and stabilized. Every truck trailer, no matter how full, has gaps that need to be filled. Dunnage bags are placed in these voids and keep your cargo from sliding around and being damaged during transit.

You’ll find these helpful bags to be an affordable method of bracing and blocking your merchandise in comparison to using nails and wood. Protecting your shipment is very important, and dunnage air bags can do the job.

What Are Dunnage Air Bags?

As mentioned above, dunnage air bags are meant to protect your products from being damaged while in transit to the next destination. Each bag is designed with closed chambers crafted from elastic-plastic film and then covered by layers of paper, polypropylene, or woven material which makes the bags extremely durable.

During transport, cargo can get jostled, slide, and even slam into the sides of the truck or other products. When protective bags are strategically placed into gaps, voids, and around the cargo, the incidence of damage significantly decreases.

The bags inflate with air and ultimately press the cargo so that it is flush with the trailer or container’s sides. Each bag comes in different sizes depending on the needs of your load, so it is crucial to choose the appropriate size so that your load is evenly balanced.

Modes Of Transportation That Use These Protective Bags

Dunnage bags aren’t only for over-the-road vehicles. They are quite helpful in a variety of shipping modes.

  • Trucks – When appropriately placed, bags can decrease cargo damage due to side to side, front to back, and vertical harm
  • Rail – Loads can be significantly protected by dunnage bags and act as a cushion to help absorb shock
  • Intermodal – This mode of transport involves cargo being moved from one modal of shipment to another and can often require products to be in transit for extended periods. Protective bags keep the load safe from jostling
  • Sea Container – Lateral and lengthwise shifting can occur in overseas shipping, and dunnage bags prevent loads from moving
  • Vessel - When cargo is subjected to prolonged movements caused by pitch, roll, heave, sway, and surge caused by water travel, air bags are necessary to keep the load from sliding

Benefits Of Using Protective Air Bags

Dunnage air bags are incredibly versatile and provide many advantages for the successful movement of just about any type of cargo. You’ll find these bags to be an affordable alternative versus other blocking and bracing methods.

When it comes to strength, dunnage bags are robust and capable of stabilizing loads, all the while creating efficient usage of space.

Use DACO Dunnage Air Bags For Transport Of Cargo

Moving product is a vital part of any business. However, when your cargo gets damaged during transport, you can lose a lot of money. At DACO, we want to help you avoid that from happening. Contact us today for more information about our dunnage air bags.

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