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POSTED IN: Mezzanines 01/04/2023


Garage Town

Federal Way, Washington

Description of Customers Challenge: Following my retirement I began looking for ways to spend my time productively. I wanted a place where I could store my cars but also wanted someplace that could serve as a multipurpose facility supporting my hobbies and provide a place to “hang out” when necessary. Ultimately that meant the garage needed to be outfitted with an environment other than just a garage. I had decided a mezzanine would be the best way to provide the space utilization I was offer. As those thoughts jelled, I began the process of researching who, in this area, might be able to help with such a project. Another garage in the complex had built a mezzanine into their garage and, while it was a good solution, it still looked like a warehouse. My search of providers eventually narrowed to three local providers.

Solutions Explored: I dropped in at DACO one morning as part of my research….a true cold call. It was fortunate for me that Rich Fisher was in the office that morning as he was the representative servicing my region. I explained what I had in mind and was provided some thoughts at that time, with a commitment to visit my facility the next day. On the first visit we discussed my ideas, modified some of those based on recommendations provided by Mr. Fisher and agreed to have an estimate prepared. During this same period, I was working with the other local providers but none felt the necessity of visiting the site. Within a couple of days, Mr. Fisher again visited the site with a manufacturer’s rep. Both took the time to understand my needs and could see my vision for what I wanted.

Accommodations were made in the railing of the project to make it safe for my grandchildren to visit. Mr. Fisher was quick to point out that he would not be the cheapest bid, but that he would assure the project was done right and done to my satisfaction.

Resolution & Benefits from Solution: From the time we decided to proceed until the project was complete we never had any issues with Mr. Fisher at all. The permitting process was handled through Federal Way without issue. All subcontractors showed up on time and in every case their work was outstanding. The finished product is exactly what we wanted and has become a show case for other owners at Garagetown. DACO and Mr. Fisher delivered a completed project that truly represented best value for this very satisfied customer. Not only would I do business with them again, I highly recommend them to everyone that visits my “man cave”.  – A very satisfied customer, Scott Carson