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Clean Room Creates Sterile Environment

Daco Solves Need for Sterile Environment

Description of Customers Challenge:
One of DACO’s aerospace customers manufactures special parts for space travel units and they cannot have any particles or dust in the environment for safety reasons.  They test the strength and chemical compositions of metals which requires a clean and sterile atmosphere.  They needed to create a steryl environment to manufacture and test their parts in, to avoid creating faulty parts, which could affect future missions, and potentially jeopardize lives.
Solutions Explored:
After determining their needs, it was determined that a two stage Starrco Clean Room Modular Office was the best solution.  The particle count in the first room would need to be a mere 100 particles per million to enter, and then the second room being a substantially lesser particle free zone.  We built two different high-quality clean rooms right next to each other, with an entrance from one chamber into the other chamber, that provides the opportunity to change clothing to reduce contamination into the 2nd chamber.
Resolution & Benefits from Solution:
The two adjourning modular offices solved the environmental issues that needed to be addressed and provided them with the clean air environment that was needed to keep their parts sterile during production. “Not having done one before, seeing the filtration units and how everything worked was fascinating” said Brad Henderson, DACO’s sales person who worked with the aerospace company.  Starrco provided a solid product that was easy to put together, as well as aesthetically pleasing.  The biggest benefit, however was the clean atmosphere that the clean room modular offices created, which allowed them to manufacture and test safe and sterile parts.

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