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MACX Bulk Containers

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MACXAce®, MACX and MACX48® Bulk Containers are engineered from maintenance-free, high-impact resistant HDPE structural foam and built to meet the most rigorous demands.

These bulk containers are available in solid or vented side versions, and the two footprints - 48"x40" and 48"x48" (MACX & MACX48 only).  Ideal for use in agricultural, food handling and industrial environments, these plastic bins' increased lifespan make them a cost effective choice.

Unlike their wood counter parts, that can splinter and harbor pests, pathogens or mold, these reusable bulk containers meet USDA / HACCP standards for direct food contact.  Their smooth interiors can be high-pressured washed and sterilized for sanitary purposes.

The MACX® and MACX48® come with bolted on replaceable base runners.

The MACXAce® features a one piece design.

Features & Benefits for MACX Series Bulk Containers: (click to view)

  • Tough but lightweight, these reusable bulk containers are movable by hand when empty.
  • Stackable 10 high, when empty, to save storage space.
  • Rounded inner corners help to reduce bruising of product and improve quality of goods.
  • Vented sidewall option allows for faster cooling, drying and processing times.
  • Provide more consistent and accurate tare weights than wood containers that can absorb moisture.
  • 4-way forklift, 2-way pallet jack entry.
  • These plastic bins are available with solid or vented walls.
  • Meet USDA / HACCP standards.
  • 100% Recyclable.

Options for MACX Series Bulk Containers: (click to view)

These reusable bulk containers can be customized with casters, drain plugs, label holders, lids, drop doors, replaceable runners, custom colors and stenciling to meet your specific needs.
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