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Insulated Containers


Bulk Insulated Containers are available in many different sizes and types, all of which are made of FDA / USDA food approved materials, and provide temperature control and protection for a variety of applications.

Ready for the most adverse weather and usage conditions, on-board or on the plant floor, these reusable bulk containers are ready for processing, storage and transportation of food products such as seafood, live bait, meat, poultry, frozen food, processed food, and agricultural produce such as cherries and grapes.

Commonly referred to as insulated fish totes in the fishing industry, they are a favorite choice because of their thermal properties, which help to keep their catch fresh and of the highest quality.

Specialty bulk insulated containers are also available for applications such as defrosting or chilling, onboard handling, live transport, and frozen food and dry ice transport.

The PE line of triple wall bulk insulated containers are designed to handle extreme conditions year after year.


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