Regular Ice Insulated Containers / Plastic Bins

  • DX327 Insulated Containers
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A wide variety of Bulk Insulated Containers, made to be used with regular ice, with capacities ranging from 9 to 55 cubic feet, are available for product storage, processing and transport. Made of FDA / USDA food approved materials, these durable, double wall, foam filled insulated containers provide excellent temperature control and consistency, keeping products fresh and protected until they reach their final destination.

The "half-tote" size insulated containers are compact in size, and perfect for use in smaller areas where a full size bulk container might not fit or where you might need to be able to maneuver the container around by hand.

Food processors, seafood processors and wineries all use these insulated containers in their operations.

When used as insulated fish totes, they raise efficiency, increasing catch values, and potentially improving profits.


Features of DB, D & DX Bulk Insulated Containers: (click to view)

  • FDA approved resin, approved for food safety
  • Smooth Interior for easy cleaning
  • UV inhibitor to endure extreme weather conditions.
  • Rotatable, stackable with or without lid.
  • These fish totes come standard with a drain hole and slot for plug storage
  • The DX318, DB1545, DX327, DX332, DB2145, and DX335 all have the same footprint so they will all stack with each other.
  • Replacement lids are available.

Features of PB Bulk Insulated Containers: (click to view)

  • "Wall-Lock Technology" - walls of box are mechanically connected to eliminate delamination over time.
  • FDA/USDA approved medium density foam filled polyethylene material.
  • 2 lb. PUR (Polyurethane Foam) insulation - R-value 7 per inch.
  • Typically holds ice from 3-7 days.
  • Smooth Interior, making them easy to clean.
  • Rotatable and stackable.
  • These fish totes come standard with a 2" threaded drain plug and slot for storage.
  • Open area on boxes for stenciling and serial numbers.
  • Optional "Mircoban" can be added at time of molding for added sanitation.
  • Replacement lids are available.

Benefits of Bulk Insulated Containers: (click to view)

  • Product Protection - keeps product fresh. Foam-filled walls provide excellent temperature control and consistency.
  • Improved Material Handling - double-wall construction provides added strength and durability.
  • Reduction in Container Expense - totes are reusable and repairable.
  • Improved Sanitation - smooth wall construction makes them easy to clean and keep sanitary.
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