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Insulated Containers & Fish Totes

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Made of FDA and USDA food-approved materials, insulated fish totes from DACO Corp provide excellent temperature control and consistency to keep products fresh and protected until they reach their final destination. A wide variety of bulk insulated containers are available for product storage, processing, and transport.

Volume discounts apply to all bulk orders of insulated containers. All boxes and lids are sold as a set, with replacement lids available.

Commercial Insulated Totes for Any Application:

Benefits & Specifications for Bulk Insulated Containers

Food processors, seafood processors, and wineries all use these insulated containers in their operations. Our DB, D, DX, and PB series of insulated fish totes and large ice storage bins feature, depending on the model:

  • Capacities from 9 to 55 cubic feet
  • “Half-tote” size insulated containers for easy portability or use in smaller areas
  • Temperature control
  • Improved sanitation
  • Reusable and repairable containers
  • Foam-filled double-wall constructions
  • And much, much more!

Insulated Fish Totes & Fish Boxes

Keep fish and seafood fresh for longer with our fish totes and fish boxes. Made with FDA-approved resin to meet all food-safety guidelines, insulated fish totes from DACO Corp feature smooth interiors for easy cleaning, a UV inhibitor to endure extreme weather, and a drain hole and slot for plug storage. When used as insulated fish totes, our regular ice totes raise efficiency by increasing catch values and potentially improving profits.

Other benefits of choosing bulk commercial fish boxes from DACO Corp include:

  • Ability to hold ice for 3-7 days, depending on model
  • Rotatable and stackable with or without a lid
  • Smooth interiors for easy cleaning
  • And more.

Bulk Insulated Containers for Wineries

Our PB1000 & D1000 insulated containers are a great option for smaller wineries as more cost-effective fermenting bin option.  The wider surface of these totes allows heat to dissipate, and less heat buildup, resulting in a shorter cap.  This increases the amount of product you can put in tote.  Another benefit is that it allows easier access for the punch down of skins.

Other features include:
  • Size options
  • Hole and plug for easy drainage
  • Open area on boxes for stenciling or serial numbers
  • Stackable and rotatable
  • And many more!

Your Go-To Source for Cost-Effective Insulated Fish Boxes

Since 1972, DACO Corp has been your go-to source for all material handling and packaging solutions. We are dedicated to solving your problems by genuinely investing ourselves in your success. Our high-quality insulated container solutions and top-tier customer service will give you the peace of mind you need to know that you’ve made the right decision with your container choice.

We are a family-oriented company that keeps honesty and integrity at the center of everything we do. Our insulated regular ice totes provide economical and environmentally friendly options for keeping your products fresh. Find out what DACO Corp can do for you today!

Contact Us to Get Started on Your Commercial Fish Box Bulk Order

Our expert team is ready to provide you with the best customer service as we help you find the most cost-effective and high-quality insulated tote for your industry and planned application.

Contact us with questions about which insulated fish tote, fish box, or wine tote is best for your commercial application. Request a quote to receive any of our standard or custom insulated container products.

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