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Curtain Wall Defrosting Process

Tacoma, Washington

Daco Solves a Processor’s Defrosting Issue

Northern Fish contacted DACO with the hopes that they could assist with their needs of providing an area that could be separate from the rest of the plant for one of their processes.  The company was intending to utilize this space to defrost their frozen products for the next day of processing for an easy transition.

Solutions Explored: 
DACO and Northern Fish looked at building a separate room, but it seemed there was a better solution that would help with an even more efficient/easy implementation.  The deciding solution that they had come up with was the idea of using Goff’s Curtain Walls to create a separate room where the racks of fish could be rolled into the area smoothly and then closed off using the curtain walls around them creating a divide.  After the product is moved into the curtained area, they will use large fans to circulate the air to defrost the fish.
Resolution & Benefits from Solution: 
DACO moved forward on the proposed plan with the go ahead from Northern Fish and brought the concept to life with the Goff’s Curtain Walls.   With these curtain walls being food grade, easy to clean and see through, it was definitely the right product for the application.  They are now able make a separate area or room to defrost product as needed and can push the curtain out of the way to free up valuable working area in the plant when they are not defrosting product.

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