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POSTED IN: Mezzanines, Modular Office 05/15/2019

Modular offices are a more efficient and cost-effective spin on the traditional offices which dominate many business environments. Instead of spending a ton of cash and suffering through a long building process with traditional offices, you might consider modular offices instead, which are customizable offices that can be installed or moved much more easily.

Modular offices can come in several different types and they each provide a number of different benefits or special services. Since there are many different types to choose from, you can pick the best kind of modular office for your business.


Custom modular offices allow you to find customizable office space solutions for whatever kind of space you happen to be working with for your business. Custom modular offices can be designed as both single-story or multi-story buildings and can be tailored to fit your existing square footage.

Custom modular offices are also efficient in that they are relatively inexpensive when compared to more traditional stick built construction and can be modified for a cheaper cost. This can be of great benefit if your needs change and you need the building relocated. Efficiency like this will lower your overall space costs.

Summary: Custom modular offices can be tailored for your specific workspace and are cost effective to install and modify.


Pre-sized modular offices aren’t nearly as modifiable as custom offices, but they have the benefit of being much more cost effective and affordable, especially for bulk options. If you need new offices after a hiring spree, pre-sized offices are by far the most economical choice.

Each office comes pre-built with critical features like locks, electrical wiring, and acoustical grid ceilings. This means that they can be easily installed and integrated into your existing office space with a minimum of effort and struggle.

Implementing pre-sized modular offices is a great way to quickly upscale your operation or handle a sudden influx of new workers who will need a place to perform their jobs.

Summary: Pre-sized modular offices provide an affordable alternative to traditional office types and can be installed easily and quickly.


Pre-fab buildings have some similar benefits as pre-sized modular offices because they’re inexpensive and easy to implement into an existing layout or whatever floor space you’re working with. The great thing about pre-fab buildings or portable guard shacks is that they come prepared to work right after installation. You can fill them and start using them right away.

Pre-fab buildings are easily-relocatable and can be moved from location to location without much struggle. They come pre-wired for easy electrical integration into your existing electrical network and are weather-tight to improve energy savings. Because of their durability, you’ll be able to rely on them for years to come and through all kinds of weather conditions or seasons.

Each pre-fab building can be further customized and can accept your choice of color, finish, and lighting. Heating and air conditioning options can be added as well, should you need your employees to work in hot or cold environments.

They are a great option for use as:

  • Kiosks
  • Parking & Toll Booths
  • Ticket Booths
  • Security Guard Shacks
  • Airport Rental Car Offices

Summary: Pre-fab buildings can be used for a wide variety of functions, and can be quickly and easily installed and ready to inhabit right away.


If you need a contaminant-free environment that can be implemented into an existing facility, check out these modular clean rooms. They can very easily meet 100 clean room conditions, including metrics that cover sterility, isolation, and clean-ability.

These modular clean rooms can help you control your air flow and air pressure, which are both key aspects when you try to contain something and prevent it from extending into the rest of your facilities. These clean rooms can also help control temperature, humidity, and filtration. Because of these design aspects, the possibility of contaminants escaping the clean room is incredibly small.

These clean rooms have benefits relating to cost, as well, since they can be installed on your property and wired into your existing utilities for a minimum of effort. Furthermore, these rooms can be classified under equipment and can be tax depreciated at an accelerated rate of 7 years as opposed to 39 years.

You can use modular clean rooms for a variety of applications.

  • Sound and Equipment Enclosures: clean rooms can contain loud sound within the space.
  • Food Processing/Packaging: food processing needs sterile environments to remain safe and healthy.
  • Aerospace/Automotive Design: the design and construction of delicate parts can be accomplished in modular clean rooms.
  • Labs: laboratory science often requires clean environments to prevent the contamination of samples or specimens.
  • Animal Housing: animal health can be more easily maintained in a modular clean room where they won’t be exposed to as much bacteria.
  • Medical Testing Facilities: medical facilities can easily benefit from the sterility and controllability of a modular clean room.
  • Environmental Rooms: making small biomes or habitats for animal or plant growth or for scientific study often requires sterile clean rooms.

Summary: Modular clean rooms are perfect for ensuring that contaminants don’t spread through your workspace.


Investing in a modular office is a great way to lower the overall costs of your business’ housing needs. They can provide a variety of benefits and special uses that might be just what your business requires. If you’re interested in installing modular offices for your business or have further questions and concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call. Check us out on Facebook and be sure to like and follow us!