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POSTED IN: Ergonomic Solutions 09/21/2020

In a warehouse environment, employees are often prone to fatigue and injury due to the physical demands of their labor. DACO offers several products, systems, and tools that are innovatively designed to save time, increase safety, and make daily warehouse operations more efficient.


Lifting, reaching, and repetitive bending can often lead workers to experience fatigue and injury. Scissor lift tables and tilt tables are ergonomic solutions that help keep workers safe. With a scissor lift, workers can bring their workload up to them instead of bending down to the workload.

These lifts are a fantastic option to reduce the need for manual labor, resulting in higher protection for employees. They can cut processing time nearly in half, as they make jobs less physically demanding. Scissor lift tables and tilt tables ultimately increase material productivity and manufacturing.


Lots of manual workers struggle with fatigue and strains from standing for prolonged period of time. They also face the risk of slipping or falling on the job and can experience pain from prolonged exposure to certain elements like cold and heat. The ergonomic solution to these issues is our rubber floor mats. These anti-fatigue mats are thicker than others on the market, substance-resistant, and long-lasting.


Heavy lifting is not an easy task. Pallet jacks enable workers to move heavy objects effortlessly while minimizing physical harm. Pallet jacks are an affordable ergonomic solution to back strains and pulled muscles as a result of lifting and moving heavy materials. Pallet jacks possess a large carrying capacity. They are quite compact, which makes them easy to store.


Another effective way to reduce manual labor and increase productivity within a given facility is to utilize conveyor systems. Conveyor systems use rollers and belts to push materials along in the direction they need to travel in. They can be loaded or unloaded at certain points and allow for easy transportation of materials from one end of your facility to another until they reach their final destination.


High-quality packaging equipment is a crucial ergonomic solution to keep workers safe and maximize productivity. Pallet wrappers, case sealers, and strapping machines are just a few of the many examples of packaging equipment that offer several benefits to any warehouse or industrial operation.

Employees benefit from both semi-automatic and automatic pallet wrappers, as they lessen the dizziness and back injuries that manual stretch wrapping can induce. Case sealers create advantages by producing more work than what can be done by hand. Strapping machines allow for more sustainable shipping activity and a safer workplace for employees.


DACO offers numerous products and tools that are crafted to ergonomically benefit your operation. It is important to keep your employees safe, maximize productivity, and save as much time and money as possible. So, what are you waiting for? We offer all of these ergonomic solutions which can be found on our website at www.dacocorp.com.

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