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POSTED IN: Containers, Totes, Bins & Dollies 09/24/2020

DACO’s bulk containers are of high quality and can benefit your food and material handling needs. They are long-lasting, reusable, easily repairable, simple to store, and highly sanitary. DACO offers several types of bulk containers for use in the seafood, meat, poultry, processed food, agricultural, and industrial markets. Each type of bulk container is uniquely designed to meet specific handling needs.


The BF Series Fixed-Wall Bulk Containers are made from FDA approved materials, are watertight when optional lid seal is used, and available in different sizes. These features make the BF Series bulk containers a top pick for fish totes and seafood processing operations. They are strong and durable because of their design. The sidewalls, reinforced corners, base to top interlock, and smooth interior were carefully constructed to reduce dirt and debris, allow for self-supporting stacks with or without lids, and make the bulk containers easy to clean. The BF Series bulk containers are also 100 percent recyclable.


The MACX Series features three bulk containers, including MACXAce, MACX, and MACX48. These bulk containers are particularly unique because of their high-impact resistance. They are some of the most durable, sturdy, and long-lasting bulk containers on the market. Although heavy-duty, the MACX Series bulk containers are lightweight and can be stacked up to 10 high when empty, which makes for efficient storing. They are reusable, cost-effective, and sanitary, making them ideal for use in agricultural, food handling, and industrial environments.


Because the bulk containers featured in the Monster Bin Series are roto-molded with FDA-approved polyethylene, they are optimally used for food, chemical and pharmaceutical requirements. Their seamless, one-piece construction makes them simple to wash. The Monster Bin Series bulk containers feature a reinforced top edge for added strength.


The PE Series includes bulk containers that are constructed with expanded polyethylene. This design makes the containers as strong as stainless-steel containers at a much lower price. It features a triple wall design that encourages insulation, so the PE Series bulk containers are perfect for storing seafood and poultry.


When it comes to sanitization, the Sani-Box is one of the most hygienic bulk containers in the industry. It is crafted to self-drain with no manual labor necessary. Its solid build does not allow for unwanted liquids to collect, reducing the risk of bacteria growth.


Poly liners and drain plugs are just accessories that an be used in conjunction with bulk containers. Poly liners are ideal for use in transporting liquids such as wine to wineries since the liner keeps liquids up to sanitary standards and provides product protection. Poly liners eliminate the need for containers to be cleaned after each use, making them immediately reusable.

Drain plugs assist in emptying bulk containers and make washing and rinsing more efficient. DACO provides installation services for drain plugs in bulk containers to make the process quick and easy.


With numerous models of bulk containers, you are bound to find one that suits your particular needs. To purchase your bulk containers and install your bulk container accessories, follow DACO on Facebook or contact us today.