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POSTED IN: Cantilever Racking 04/17/2019

If you are in an industry that requires long, heavy items to be stored, cantilever racking systems may be an excellent option for you.

Cantilever racking systems are made of a series of single columns that include outstretched arms and durable bases. These bases create a sort of shelving system for long, bulky, or awkwardly shaped items that can easily be loaded. One of the best aspects of the arms of cantilever racks is that they can be adjusted to different levels, giving you the ability to store different sizes and amounts of product.

Traditional pallet racking has horizontal restrictions, whereas cantilever racks do not. This means there are no horizontal beams that get in the way during loading and unloading of your goods and equipment. Did you know that the entire length of the cantilever rack can be used? This is what makes it so amazing for storing things, especially items of varying lengths, weights, and widths.

Another aspect of cantilever racking systems that make them superior to traditional pallet racks is the lack of vertical and horizontal restrictions. You don’t have to worry about damaging your products during storing, loading, or unloading. Cantilever racks are designed to be open and flexible, which decreases the incidence of damaged goods.

You’ll enjoy how the design of the cantilever rack allows for adjustment based upon the needs of your operation. A single-sided rack can quickly be changed into a double-sided racking system due to the columns being pre-punched on either side. The arm extensions can also be converted to adequately receive the size and shape of your products.

Ultimately, these racking systems can be used both in and out of doors. Depending on where you use the racks, the structure can be composed of galvanized steel for weatherization purposes.


There are two different types of cantilever racks. Depending on your industry, one or the other may be a better fit for you. Either way, each one of these systems is designed with heavy-duty material, are sturdy, and meant to hold large and long products.


  • Designed to store a variety of products and equipment
  • A high-capacity, multi-level structure made from heavy gauge roll-formed steel
  • No interference from upright columns
  • Easy placement and removal
  • Provides access to one section of a product or an entire load at any time
  • Consists of five basic elements: columns, bases, braces, arms, and pins


  • Made from structural steel I-Beams
  • Arms are connected to columns using a solid four-bolt attachment
  • Made for medium to heavy-duty loads

Summary – The two different types of cantilever racking systems are roll-formed and structural. Each is designed for storing a variety of heavy-duty material.


Many industries use cantilever racks, including, lumber, construction, aircraft, microelectromechanical systems, chemical sensor applications, and in warehouse/portable storage settings.

Companies prefer cantilever racks because they are quick and easy to install. This means you won’t lose time and money due to constructing the racks and having to halt production. Another benefit is the height and angle of the arms being able to easily adjust in order to accommodate products and materials of varying shapes and sizes. Again, this saves time and money. You don’t have to purchase new shelving in order to make room for bulky objects. Simply adjust your racks and you’re back in business.

Some awkwardly shaped and bulky items are difficult to store on traditional pallet racks. Cantilever racking systems were made for these types of items. Overall, you’ll increase productivity by reducing the time spent handling materials and products as well as to have easy access to oddly-shaped and sized items.

Ideal for storing:

  • Tubing and pipes
  • Lumber
  • Moldings
  • Metal and plastic sheets
  • Carpeting
  • Metal beams
  • Furniture
  • Building Materials
  • Appliances
  • Doors
  • Trusses

As you can see, cantilever racking systems are ideal for storing a number of products and materials. The above list is certainly not limited.

Summary – Cantilever racking systems are ideal for storing heavy, bulky items and help increase operational productivity.


As you’ve read, cantilever racking systems can be a real asset to a number of industries. At DACO, you can count on us to have the answers you seek in terms of these phenomenal racking systems. Our representatives are standing by to take your call and address any questions you may have.

Perhaps, you need a cantilever racking system, but you aren’t sure whether the roll-formed or structural variety makes more sense for your business. We can help you choose a system that will enhance productivity and make loading and unloading easier. Just tell us your needs and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Our staff has years of experience in the racking system department. We are well-versed and knowledgeable in how to apply your operational needs to either a roll-formed or structural system. We can also show you exactly how to use the structures to create a safe and productive working environment.

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