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POSTED IN: Conveyor System 07/08/2021

Gravity conveyor systems can be so helpful for your business, your employees, and your facility. Not only can they help save on your energy costs, but they also make your workers much more efficient and productive. This makes conveyor beneficial for many types of businesses.

A gravity conveyor system has the ability to move materials down an incline or by simply pushing the load along the conveyor without the use of electricity or a motor. It is a simple style, but it can mean increased output for your employees.

If you have been considering adding gravity conveyor systems to your operation, you’re making a wise decision. Let’s talk about the types of industries that can benefit from them.


Almost all assembly lines need some type of conveyor system. It can take a lot of time for workers to complete the necessary tasks for their jobs without them. The company also benefits by using a gravity conveyor system, as they can keep their costs to a minimum.

Using this type of conveyor system, workers can simply complete their portion of the job and then push the materials to the next worker. If the conveyor is on a slight slant, the force of gravity will move them along with minimal effort.


All across the United States, airlines see thousands – and sometimes even millions – of pieces of luggage every single day. In fact, BBC News reports that on average, airlines lose 25 million bags a year, which could at least partially be due to the lack of proper equipment and conveyors.

With that amount of luggage to move, doing it all by hand would take an extremely long time. It would be very taxing for the employees without the assistance of conveyor and could end up costly for the airline due to lack of efficiency or the risk of injuries.

Gravity conveyor systems offer airlines an easier way to improve productivity, save time, and lessen the physical stress for their workers. These systems are more than capable of handling the amount of luggage that airports have to move. They are virtually maintenance-free and produce little to no additional noise.


Most food and beverage manufacturers produce millions of pieces per day. That type of output is simply not possible without the right tools and equipment in place. Gravity conveyor systems are a necessity for businesses within this industry because they allow workers to keep up with demand and meet their quotas.

Many food and beverage manufacturing companies have several steps that they must complete before their products are finished. Gravity conveyor systems can play an important role by ensuring that the products can swiftly and easily be transported from one station to another.


There are many other industries that can benefit from gravity conveyor systems, including farms, pharmaceutical companies, and printing companies. At DACO, we are confident that we have a solution that will work for your industry too. If you have been wanting to increase your workers’ productivity and efficiency while saving money at the same time, we can help.