Material Handling & Packaging Solutions

Pallet Wrapper Equipment

Choose from a variety of different types of Stretch Wrapping Equipment such as pallet wrappers, turntables, portable and hand pallet wrappers, hand holders and film knives that make your job of packaging and shipping your goods quicker, and safer by reducing potential product damage and separation during shipment and/or storage.

Benefits of Pallet Wrappers:

  • Load Stabilization  - stretch film holds loads together and reduces loosening during the vibration of shipment.  Pallet wrappers can wrap product tighter and more consistent than by hand.
  • Reduction in Product Damage - stretch wrappers keep loads stabilized, clean and dry, reducing product damage during shipment. 
  • Decreased Labor and Material Costs - reduces time and money spent hand wrapping pallets.  Pallet wrappers work much quicker and use fewer resources due to stretching features. 
  • Reduction in Injuries - semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers help reduce dizziness and back injuries caused by workers hand stretch wrapping product.


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