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POSTED IN: Handling Equipment 08/09/2019

Investing in a quality pallet jack is essential to handling material in a safe, efficient and effective manner. Choosing the right pallet jack for your facility and your business will help optimize your operation and contribute to your bottom line.


Workhorse™ Standard and Premium Pallet Jacks provide a safe and reliable way to move pallets throughout your facility. Both feature an ergonomic, quality German pump design with formed channel steel construction, a heavy duty frame and reinforced handle. The premium pallet jack offers 10 additional degrees of pivot, added structural reinforcement and an adjustable pump cap that offers longer service life. With a 90 degree stroke, it only takes 10 full pumps to raise the forks to maximum height.

Workhorse™ Corrosion Resistant Pallet Jacks are ideal for food handling and processing facilities, cold storage and freezers, clean rooms, and corrosive chemical environments. They come with all the basic features of the Standard and Premium Pallet Jacks but are upgraded with galvanized or stainless steel construction that will extend the life of, and reduce repair costs for, pallet jacks operating in wet, humid and wash-down environments.

Workhorse™ Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks are also available with built-in scales that are perfect for the same uses and environments as the Corrosion Resistant Pallet Jack models. The OIML built-in scale includes an ultra-touch polycarbonate enclosure with capacitive keys and an LCD digit display. The scale is also waterproof and chemical resistant.

Mobile Low Profile Pallet Jacks are made for loads that are too low for standard jacks and come in three models – Mini, Miney, and Mo. The Mini and Miney models have a lowered fork height of 2 inches, a raised fork height of 6.5 inches and a capacity of 3,300 pounds. The only difference between the two is the fork size. The Mo model is perfect for picking up loads very close to the ground. It has a lowered fork height of 1.4 inches, a raised fork height of 3.5 inches and a capacity of 2,200 pounds.

The Workhorse™ Electric Pallet Jack features rugged durability, maximum maneuverability, and a low-maintenance motor. Its small footprint makes it perfect for narrow warehouse or retail aisles, truck trailers, or cargo containers. The hand-operated electric jack is powered by a 24V / 80Ah battery with an integrated onboard charger. The high-efficiency magnetic horizontal brushless motor requires minimal maintenance and can reach a speed of 3.3/3.6 miles per hour.

Custom Pallet Jacks gives you the opportunity to invest in equipment that is built to meet your needs. Customize your pallet jacks with a variety of wheel and roller options, brake attachments, skid adaptors, tubular backstops, load stabilizers, and adjustable backrests.


Pallet Jack Stops are a must-have accessory for any business that needs to secure their pallet jacks during transit. Covered in non-slip synthetic rubber, Workhorse Pallet Jack Stops keep pallet truck wheels stationary and secure.


Choosing the right pallet jacks will help maximize your business’s productivity, increase the efficiency of your material handling, and reduce the risk of employee injury. There are a range of options to choose from and investing in the right product upfront will help your bottom line in the long-term. We can help you select the right model or customize pallet jack for you. Contact us today and be sure to follow us on Facebook for special offers and new product announcements.