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POSTED IN: Plastic Pallets 11/11/2020

If your warehouse or facility utilizes pallets for a wide range of applications and you’re still using traditional wood pallets, it’s time to move onto a better solution: plastic pallets. These types of pallets are the best, long-lasting pallet choice, especially when there are high sanitation requirements in your business.

Plastic pallets offer many benefits for a large number of businesses, including meeting high sanitary requirements, reducing natural resource use, ergonomics, superior product handling, and cost-effective.


Food businesses, and many other businesses, need to maintain a high level of sanitation within their environments. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act has transformed food and beverage businesses to prevent foodborne illnesses rather than respond to them, and the FSMA Rules and Guidance require implementing strict measures to keeping food businesses clean, sanitary, and free from foodborne illnesses. Plastic pallets can help these types of businesses maintain important required standards.

The food and beverage industry is just one example of the many workplaces that can utilize these easy-to-clean pallets to maintain the important standards of operation. When cleaning and disinfecting are important to your business, no matter the industry, pallets that are made of plastic are the answer. Wood pallets are prone to bacteria, rot, and more and are risky to have in these environments.


Plastic pallets are built to last and will stand up to wear and tear. They can do not utilize the earth’s natural resources to make and they can be used many times, over many years, before being thrown out. Wood pallets utilize the earth’s natural resources and can break down quickly.


Plastic pallets are easy to work with and ergonomic. They are lightweight and have smooth surfaces, which make them nice to handle. With wood pallets, you may run into splinters, rust, or nails during use. Therefore, they are safer for your workers to use frequently and they are more reliable. They can also help reduce injuries in your workplace.


Plastic pallets are durable and strong; they can be relied on to move your products from one place to another without damaging them in any way. They are designed to hold products balanced and steady. Sometimes, wood pallets can be imbalanced or unsteady, and they can be unreliable, especially as they age.


Plastic pallets are an affordable product handling solution for many different applications. Plus, when you buy these types of pallets, you know that they are made to withstand constant wear and use. They will last a very long time, so you won’t have to worry about ordering replacements anytime soon.


Plastic pallets come in a wide range of styles to fit various needs and applications. You can choose from the many different options that DACO offers, including export, nestable, stackable, rackable, FM approved, and fast-lock modular pallets. Not sure which type is right for you? A DACO pallet specialist would love to offer advice.


Whether you need a recommendation on the best pallet type or style for your business or you’re wondering how you can optimize your business with plastic pallets, contact DACO today to talk with one of our knowledgeable team members.