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Corrugated Plastic Trays

  • Description: Corrugated Plastic Trays
DACO Corporation is a proud distributor of MDI is a manufacturer of custom corrugated plastic totes (including postal totes), trays, boxes, tree warps and water bricks. Their products are long lasting, reusable, and more durable than cardboard.

Corrugated Plastic Trays are ideal for use in automated packaging systems, mailrooms, retail, shelving, and storage. Lightweight, yet strong, makes handling of materials, products, and parts easy and efficient. Corrugated plastic mail trays are a cost-effective replacement for cardboard, fiberboard, molded plastic, and other substrates.

Plastic trays are offered in numerous standard styles, from nestable to straight sided, large to small. For added strength and durability, our corrugated plastic trays have sonic welded seams. Custom plastic trays can be designed to meet your specific business needs.

Features of Corrugated Plastic Trays

  • Impact, water, and chemical resistant.
  • Durable in cold and humid environments.
  • Fiber and dust free.
  • Lightweight for lower transportation costs and easier handling.
  • Reusable and 100% recyclable.
  • Available in standard colors: red, yellow, green, blue, black, white, grey, and natural, as well as custom plastic colors, with option to add custom logos and graphics.