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Vertical Lift Modules


Vertical lift modules (VLM’s) consist of two enclosed vertical columns of trays, with an inserter/extractor located in the center of the system.  They can be built up to 46’ high, and provide a safe, secure, and ergonomic environment that helps your employees avoid unnecessary walking, bending and reaching for parts.  The job of the VLM is to automatically locate and retrieve the trays where the desired items are stored, from either the front or back of the system, and deliver them to the operator waiting at the pick window. These automated storage systems are designed to eliminate walk and search time of your employees, thus increasing their productivity by up to 2/3rds. 

vertical lift module



VLM’s are designed to take advantage of all your floor to ceiling height, so it can store trays in optimized positions.  You can save up to 90% floor space, by installing vertical lift modules, over standard shelving units, thus eliminating the need to physically expand your building to create more space.  These vertical lift modules are available in many heights and widths, so you can create a system that meets your specific needs.

Wondering how VLM’s are able to save you so much space?  They do it by optimizing your storage cube, to provide maximum storage capacity, in the smallest footprint possible.  By scanning each tray, and the height of the product on it, the vertical lift module can then automatically optimize the tray height.  It will then store the product using the least amount of storage space possible, to achieve maximum density.


There are many ways that your company can benefit from Modula’s automated vertical lift modules including:


vertical lift module comparison

90% of your floor space that is currently being occupied by traditional storage systems, can be recovered by installing a vertical lift module, which will allow you to maximize your storage density.  By utilizing the full height of your ceilings, you are able to optimize your vertical storage space, going up to as high as 46’ tall.  By the use of partitions and dividers, you will have complete flexibility in configuring the interior of the drawer trays, so the possibilities are endless.


Time is money, and saving time is one of big benefits of Modula’s vertical lift modules, which will ultimately increase your companies’ productivity.   Vertical lifts eliminate the need for your employees to walk from one end of your facility to another, to locate the product or goods they need.  The lift does all the work, delivering the goods quickly, easily and ergonomically right in front of them at the machines window.


keeping your products safe

Keeping your product safe and accounted for is important to your business.  All of Modula’s VLM vertical storage solutions guarantee to protect your goods from theft and damage.  This is achievable because the lift modules are fully enclosed and protect your product from damage, as well as from exposure to pollutants such as dust, and the effects of humidity.

By the use of Modula’s warehouse management system software (WMS ), inventory control can be made simple, and your goods can be kept safe and organized at all times.  Every vertical lift is password protected, only allowing authorized employees to operate the equipment.  Additional protection is provided by monitoring and tracking all log-ins and picking operations, so you know who, when and where.


man working with blue crates

The vertical lifts storage carousels are built with the safety and ergonomic environment of your employees in mind.  These VLM’s are TÜV-GS safety certified, and feature physical safety barriers and light curtains, that help create a workstation that is 100% safe for your employees.

Improved ergonomics for your employees is another big benefit of vertical lifts. The products or goods are brought directly to your employee at an ergonomic level; so no more climbing, stretching, or bending over to access the product.  Because the work is done for them, there is a reduction in operator fatigue and possible injury, while maximizing their productivity.


custom configurizer

To increase ergonomics and safety, there are 4 different bay configurations available to choose from, depending on your specific needs – internal, external, single or dual.

  • Internal Bay – a good choice for applications with limited floor space.
  • External Bay – a good choice when picking rates and ergonomics are important for your employees.
  • Single Delivery –a good choice for less stringent throughput requirements or when speeding up picking times are required.
  • Dual Delivery – great when you need to reduce tray picking wait times.


woman controlling inventory

An extra level of inventory control is available by installing Modula’s warehouse management system software (WMS), which can help improve inventory control accuracy and timeliness.  It allows your operators to more quickly and easily find and pick the correct product.  Another benefit of the WMS software, is that it is fully integra table with any back-end system.  The ability to trace all picking orders, keeps your product inventory control in real-time, and you can also adjust your production and re-order levels in the back-end systems.


warehouse management software

In order to meet your companies’ specific needs, Modula offers their warehouse management system software in several different modules and different licensing packages.  The software comes with a graphical tool that maps the layout of the vertical lift module trays and their compartments.   The software can also be easily integrated with other systems, to create a streamlined and paperless flow of information.


vertical lift module with features
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