Metal Shelving Units

These boltless metal shelving units consist of three basic components - posts, beams and shelves that assemble in minutes providing a free standing steel shelving unit which requires no bracing to obstruct loading.

Designing your shelving unit is as simple as 1...Design your layout
2...Determine your dimension and capacity requirements
3...Pick your paint finish
4...Choose your shelving material
...and you have built a sturdy and durable metal shelving unit that will keep your facility organized for years to come.

Providing Space Saving Solutions (click to view)

Metal Shelving Units are the most cost effective way to use the least amount of floor space by utilizing unused overhead air space.  By going up instead of out, valuable floor space is freed up to use for more productive activities.
Manufactured of high quality 14 gauge steel, these boltless shelving units are quickly and easily assembled with just a hammer, no special tools are required.  Because the shelving units ares boltless, there is no need for nuts, bolts or clips that are easily lost and difficult to handle.  Rivets on the beams snap into place on the slotted angle posts.
They are designed to either be used as single units in a storage room or as part of a complex system filling an entire room. No bracing is required allowing for access on all four sides. 
Built with flexibility in mind, these pre-engineered shelving components are reusable and can be disassembled and reconfigured to meet future requirements. 
Common uses are warehouses, distribution centers, supply rooms and archive record storage.

Features & Benefits of Metal Shelving Units: (click to view)

  • Freestanding - these boltless shelving units are completely free standing and do not require back bracing, so products can be accessed from all four sides making them ideal for industrial, commercial, office and record storage applications.
  • Material - standard paint finish is beige, baked on enamel, but galvanized or zinc plated is available on special order.  Optional colors include light grey, grey, dark blue, green and orange.
  • Shelves - standard shelf material is particle board.  Other shelving options include white melamine, oak vinyl, solid metal, corrugated metal, perforated corrugated metal and wire.



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