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Rubber Floor Mats / Anti Fatigue Matting

If your employees are standing for prolonged periods of time during the course of their workday, they could benefit from the use of anti fatigue matting.  Rubber Floor Mats promote employee wellness, by helping to reduce the pressure on their feet and backs, and prevent slips and falls.

Available in many different types and sizes, including options for safety striping and runners. Custom shapes and sizes available upon request.


Types of Rubber Floor Mats

Boot Disinfectant Rubber Floor Mat

Designed to hold light duty disinfectant solution used to sanitize workers boots. Helps prevent cross contamination of product in areas of concern.

Walkaway Social Distancing Matting

This open grid, flexible walkway matting features colored delineated standing zones that help make it easy to implement 6 foot social distancing.

Ortho I Rubber Matting

Closed cell structure eliminates the absorption of liquids, providing excellent non-slip properties. Ortho I mats have an added antimicrobial compound to prevent mold, mildew, bacterial growth, and absorption of airborne pathogens.

Ortho Tuff Skin Rubber Floor Mats

Ortho’s Tuff Skin line combines their leading anti-fatigue matting with a strong top coat to provide a comfortable, yet highly durable solution. Available in several shape/size options. Can be custom fabricated to fit your needs.

Ortho Duro Rubber Floor Mats

Designed for use in welding and machinist applications, Ortho’s Duro Mats have a protective top layer that can withstand hot metal sparks and chips. Closed cell structure eliminates the absorption of oils and liquids.
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