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POSTED IN: HACCP Solutions 08/31/2020

Cleanliness is mandatory in the food industry. Strict sanitary standards must be met and upheld in order for food services to operate at their highest potential. DACO offers numerous Remco food handling and cleaning tools that are specifically designed to work in compliance with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program. HACCP ensures that food safety procedures are executed to allow for safe, clean, and uncontaminated food product production, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption.

Remco cleaning tools are created to help your operation meet HACCP requirements. All of the these cleaning tools offered are durable, efficient, and hygienic, all of which are excellent reasons to implement these tools in your operation.


Remco food handling and cleaning tools are extremely durable and long-lasting. Products like the one-piece Plastic Shovels are heavy-duty because they are molded from FDA-compliant polypropylene, which makes them sturdy in handling bulk materials. The Remco Waterfed Brushes are another example of solid HACCP cleaning tools, as they are tough and able to withstand intense water consumption. Remco Floor Scrapers are another example of highly durable compliant cleaning tools. The floor scrapers can be made from either nylon or stainless steel, two sturdy materials designed to get the most challenging cleaning jobs done.


HACCP cleaning tools like the 2900 Food Hoe are highly efficient because it can endure being pushed and pulled. It will not break under pressure and can handle demanding tasks without damaging equipment. Another HACCP cleaning tool that prioritizes efficiency is the Remco Scrub Pad System. This product assists in cleaning floors, counters, and walls. It is designed to secure cleaning pads with stainless steel hooks to ensure that the cleaning pad will not fall off. Remco Dust Pans are available in three different versions so that each and every type of cleaning job can be effectively and easily accomplished. Efficiency at its best!


In accordance with HACCP requirements, hygienic products are an absolute must. Luckily, there is a different hygienic cleaning brush and broom for every job. Remco Cleaning Brushes are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and bristle types; this allows for surfaces to be cleaned with the utmost hygiene possible. Color-Coded Aprons, Gowns, and Sleeves are also extremely hygienic products because they make sure that the correct people are using the correct tools in the correct places using the HACCP color-coding system.


Durability, efficiency, and hygiene are just a few of several reasons to implement HACCP compliant cleaning tools to your operation. These tools are also safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. All products are offered in vast assortments to best fit your unique needs.

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