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POSTED IN: Packaging Equipment & Supplies 03/15/2021

Is your business looking for a better solution for securing your products and your profits? Without the right tools to streamline shipping and receiving, your business may not experience the growth potential that it deserves.

Pallet wrappers are able to quickly and effectively wrap the products and goods on your pallets with stretch wrap. This makes the packaging and shipping process simple, quick, and more secure. You will no longer have to wonder if your valuable products and goods are being kept as safe as possible throughout shipping.

Businesses can utilize a wide range of stretch pallet wrappers that suit a variety of volume sizes. There are many types of these useful wrappers, and each of the different types has their own benefits. Whether your business is a small or large business, these beneficial tools will help reinforce your products and your profits by securing pallet loads, reducing product damage, improving productivity, and reducing the risk of injuries.


Cargo securement is an important aspect of shipping and receiving for everyone involved in the process: businesses, employees, truckers, the FMCSA, and beyond. When cargo isn’t secured, businesses can lose money through damaged goods and lost customers, and workers can get seriously hurt.

With the help of stretch film and pallet wrappers, pallet loads are kept tight and secure, much more so than when done by hand. These tools give you the consistency and durability that you need to keep everything snug in place, load after load.


Whether your business has fragile goods or simply needs a more secure system for shipping its imported goods, pallet wrappers help reduce product damage throughout the shipping process. There are so many moving parts to each shipment, and effective pallet wrapping helps owners have better peace of mind that each product makes it to its destination effectively.

Additionally, loads are able to be kept more sanitary, cleaner, and drier, reducing additional shipping problems that can happen from prolonged moisture.


When your workers are constantly having to hand-wrap pallets and goods, it can take a lot of unnecessary time and money. Workers’ time is better spent efficiently wrapping pallets with commercial wrappers, which reduces time and money spent on labor and materials. Workers are able to use fewer resources and can quickly wrap many heavy, large loads.


If your business does high volume shipping and receiving, workers can run into issues with back injuries or fatigue when constantly stretch wrapping pallet loads by hand. DACO offers both semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers that can reduce fatigue and injury. Workers find these wrappers easy to operate and can complete the job with little effort compared to manually wrapping by hand.


DACO offers a wide range of pallet wrapper products, including automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrappers, turntables, portable and hand wrappers, hand stretch wrappers, film knives, rental wrappers, used ones, and more.

  • Workhorse™ Series – Including a turntable speed of up to 12 rpm, a pre-stretch of 250%, a load capacity of 5000 pounds, an optional digital scale package, and more.
  • Predator Series – Includes the semi-automatic Predator SS and XS and the automatic Predator Platinum, securing 25-30 loads per hour.
  • Synergy Series – Includes the semi-automatic Synergy .5, Synergy 2, Synergy 2.5, and Synergy 3.
  • Freedom Series – Advanced rotating arm stretch pallet wrappers, wrapping a height of 85” with a semi-automatic, rotary arm.
  • Turntables – A lower-cost alternative, without a tower, allowing you to place goods on the turntable and wrapping by spinning.
  • Fantom Portable Series – Portable spiral or full web stretch wrappers, helping you achieve on-the-spot wrapping in any space.
  • Hand Stretch Wrappers and Tools – Including stretch film knives, Band-Its, hand stretch wrappers, and more.
  • Stretch Pallet Wrapper Rental Program – Allowing you to rent the Workhorse, Predator SS, or the Predator XS.
  • Used Pallet Wrappers – Includes a used Highlight Cabinet Stretch Wrapper and more as available.


Not sure which pallet wrapper equipment is right for you? The DACO team understands. There are a number of options available, and you may need help choosing the right product for your business and its needs. DACO experts are here to help you find and implement the right wrappers that match your business’ needs, helping increase growth, productivity, and profits while keeping your workers safe and your products without damage.

Call 877-764-0453 or send us a message to tell us more about how we can help you find the best fit for your business, and be sure to also like us on Facebook to stay in touch!