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POSTED IN: Packaging Equipment & Supplies 04/26/2019

One of the best ways to improve overall productivity and increase your work floor efficiency is by investing in automated strapping machines. Not only can these wonderful inventions free up your workers for better effort elsewhere, but they can improve your profits in the long run by increasing your product readiness by several orders of magnitude.

If the idea of better profit margins interests you, keep reading for more benefits and in-depth explanations.


Strapping machines are mechanical devices which can speed up the process of wrapping pallets or products in cabled plastic or similar material, preventing the product from splitting apart or falling to pieces in transit. These machines can come in a variety of sizes and types.

There are hand battery operated machines which are capable of being used by workers on a factory or warehouse floor. The advantage here is that they rely on small batteries and are very portable.

Then there are archless strapping machines that are about the height of an assembly line, allowing for easy integration into any product assembly structure. Arched strapping machines can also be placed near an assembly line and can handle larger products, reaching speeds of up to 60 or so straps per minute. These machines are entirely automated, reducing the amount of time you need to spend on preparing your product for transportation.

All strapping machines use a dispenser to wrap plastic or other material strips around the product. Some machines, such as the hand-held types, have the dispenser built in.

Larger, arched machines have a separate, powered dispenser that loads new coils or bundles of plastic strapping when the old one is depleted. A series of pulleys are used with the larger machines that can store strap and prepare it for easy wrapping around the target product.

Most of the time, you’ll find vertical strapping machines as opposed to horizontal versions. Automatic strapping machines of this type use photocells to find where the bundle is, when to begin wrapping, and when to cease operation. This level of automation is great for your business since it can allow your workers to move onto other projects or only require one worker for maintenance.

Summary: Strapping machines are automated or hand-held machines that speed up the strapping process, using cable-like material to bind products or packaging together for easy transport.


Strapping machines generally work by using sensors to detect the presence of a targeted product or box. They are then fed strap material via a spool or pulley system and mechanical spinners or arms rotate the straps around the target. This motion is mechanical and quick and can be integrated into an assembly line.

Rotation of a product can be performed by employees or is automated with larger, more expensive plastic strapping machine models.

This process is distinct from stretch wrap film, which involves wrapping a thinner film of plastic around the target pallet or product. Strapping, which is the purpose of these machines, uses tougher, thicker straps of plastic-based material. These are more like cables and have greater overall strength than a thin film.

Summary: Strapping machines work with mechanical spools, sensors, and proper placement on an assembly line to speed up the strapping process.


Strapping machines are great for quickly wrapping small or large amounts of product. A lot of the time, boxes of product need to be securely fastened together to facilitate faster transportation both to and from a truck or train. These machines also help to prevent individual boxes or units from falling apart and scattering over a warehouse floor.

While you can wrap these things by hand, using a strapping machine will cut down on time and costs by automating or speeding up the process. You can look at the results from time for yourself: a hand-operated strapping machine, such as those used by manual workers, can only wrap about 10.2 inches of space per second. While that sounds fast, it’s nothing compared to the speed at which a strapping machine works.

For instance, archless machines can wrap between 6-10 total straps in a minute. This is increased as you get into the larger machines. Arched machines can wrap around 60 or so straps in a minute, allowing you to add them to an assembly line and streamline your warehouse organization even further.

This increased speed and efficiency can have a rippled effect and positively change your entire business.

Summary: These machines are great for wrapping large amounts of product quickly and securely. Fewer human errors mean less time correcting for them, too.


For starters, a strapping machine lowers the number of workers you need to have strapping product. Whereas before you might need a small team to accomplish this work, with a strapping machine you might only need one employee to keep an eye on the machine and perform occasional maintenance. This frees up employee time and energy to be devoted to other pursuits or sources of revenue.

This will, in turn, increase your profits since you will have more man hours to spend elsewhere. You can either have fewer employees or put their efforts towards more profitable pursuits, such as product creation or management.

The initial cost of a strapping machine will vary, depending on the model that you pick, however, you will quickly recoup this investment cost by saving your business time and money in the long run. In addition, you’ll be able to produce more ready-to-ship product as a result of the higher efficiency brought about by the strapping machine’s efforts.

Summary: Strapping machines can boost your overall productivity by allowing you to redirect your workers to other efforts and by improving the amount of product you can prepare for shipping each day.


Strapping machines are a great way to boost the overall productivity of your warehouse or production floor. By improving your business’s efficiency, you’ll save time and money by redirecting your workers’ efforts to other areas.

A good strapping machine can double or triple your output in product that’s ready to be shipped, saving that human labor for use elsewhere. You’ll also be able to increase your profits since you’ll have more product ready to go!

There are virtually no downsides to purchasing a good strapping machine, so please don’t hesitate to contact us, and be sure to follow us on Facebook! We’d love to help your business reach its maximum potential.

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