4 Ways Metal Shelving Units Can Help With Archive Storage

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It’s a new year for your business, so it’s time to get organized and prepared for the busyness of the coming year.

If your business holds many physical files, it’s time to archive 2018’s files to make room for 2019. Whether you need to do a major clean-out, a little organization, or optimize your space, you need to have an effective system in place to store your archives.

Metal shelving units are the most cost-effective way to free up floor space, making them a great solution for storing archives and organizing files. Whether you’re using a single unit or a complex system of units, here’s how metal shelving units can help your business organize its files for the new year.

How Metal Shelving Units Can Help With Archive Storage

Make room for new records

One of the most effective uses of metal shelving units is to make room for new records. Instead of your file storage being bogged down by previous years’ records, make this year’s files your top priority. When you have an effective, designated place to put your archives, you will no longer have a cluttered mess on your hands.

Organize current and past files

It’s easy for your files to get unorganized, but when many people need to access both current and past files, there needs to be a solid system in place. Metal shelving units are the perfect catalyst for your file organization, and you and your employees can breathe easy knowing where files are at all times.

Allow for quick and easy access to archives

One of the great benefits of our metal shelving units is the ability to access archives from all sides, instead of locking them in a drawer or bolting a shelf on a wall. Whether you have a dedicated storage room or a small area in the office for your business’ files, you will love the ease and accessibility of metal shelving units.

Improve overall look and feel of workplace

Unorganized files can make a space feel cluttered, and it can attribute to the overall workplace morale. Everyone in the company needs to feel comfortable and confident in your space on a day-to-day basis, and a more organized workspace will make that happen. Instead of begrudgingly digging through unorganized files that haven’t been sorted in months or years, your employees can feel comfortable filing through well-organized archives in a designated space.

Summary - When you use metal shelving units for your files and archives, you’ll see a boost in the overall look and feel of your workplace, your employees can easily access files at any time, your current and past files will be organized properly, and you’ll have space for future files.

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Proven Strategies For Organizing Your Business’ Files

The art of filing is a skill that may not come naturally to you, or your business’ files may have just gotten a bit unorganized during a busy time. Whatever the case may be, there are some tried-and-true strategies for creating a great filing system that you will love. Help save time, create space, and boost employee morale with these file organization strategies:

  1. Weed out unnecessary files - The first thing you want to do when you are organizing any of your business’ files is create a pile to keep and pile to trash. Off the bat, this will help minimize unnecessary files being kept over a long period of time, and you’ll have less files to organize. You’ll likely be surprised how many items can be tossed.
  2. Categorize - The most critical aspect of your file storage system is categorization. A great way to categorize your files is by department, and you can even categorize them in alphabetical order. Whatever strategy you use, just make sure it’s effective for your business, and it’s also a great idea to color coordinate. If you have lots of files for each department, utilize your department managers to head up this task to make it easier on everyone.
  3. Prioritize documents - It’s important to make sure high-priority documents are labeled and can be easily accessed. In addition, any files in use should be separated from archives. Whether it’s color coordinating or having individual places for each, be certain to prioritize your files.
  4. Regularly organize - After you’ve weeded out, categorized, and prioritized, you’ll next need to make sure you have a system in place for regular organization. Whether it’s a calendar event on your phone or a set time each month, such as the first of the month, be sure to make it a priority to regularly organize your files. You can also implement a “need to file” box, so that documents can be filed regularly by a designated person who knows the system.

Summary - After you’ve created an effective system for your file organization using these strategies, you can rest easy knowing that any unnecessary files are thrown out, your files are well-organized and prioritized, and you have a system in place for regular organization. Your file storage will never get out of hand again.

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Metal Shelving Unit Products That We Offer To Help With Archive Storage

Freestanding (boltless) metal shelving units

Boltless shelving units are completely freestanding and do not require back bracing. Files can be accessed from all four sides, making them ideal for industrial, commercial, office and record storage applications. Freestanding metal shelving units come in a variety of strengths and sizes, including:

Shelving material for shelving units

Standard shelf material is particle board. Other shelving options include: white melamine, oak vinyl, solid metal, corrugated metal, perforated corrugated metal and wire.

Custom metal shelving units

The same durable components that make up industrial boltless steel metal shelving units can be configured and assembled to create a variety of products, such as bin storage units, stock and service carts, packaging benches and work centers, office solutions, and of course, record storage systems. No matter the reason that your business needs our metal shelving units, we have a custom solution that’s perfect for you.

Summary - Whether your business needs one or many freestanding metal shelving units for your storage room or area, material for your current shelving units, or a custom metal shelving unit solution, we will help you get organized and ready for the new year.

Let Our Metal Shelving Units Jump-start Your Archive Storage In The New Year

Whether file organization has been a long time coming or you just need to make way for incoming files in the new year, our metal shelving unit solutions are the perfect choice to eliminate clutter, optimize your business’ space, and boost employee morale. Not only will you be happy that your business feels more organized, your employees will be thanking you, too.

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