5 Benefits Of Ergonomics In Warehousing

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It's been estimated that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for worker's compensation costs. Of course, injuries occur more in physical workplaces such as the warehouse or storage industry. If there are certain ergonomic guidelines in place, however, it can reduce the number of injuries. The benefits of ergonomics do not stop at just injury prevention. Ergonomics help to reduce costs and increase the productivity of workers. For five major benefits of workplace ergonomics in warehousing, read on.

1. Increased Well-Being

Employees notice when their needs are being considered in a workplace. One of the biggest benefits of ergonomics comes from employee engagement. When employees feel comfortable with who they work for and the morale is high, it greatly reduces turnover. Increased employee well-being is also crucial to attracting new talent. Show workers that you care with small projects that benefit them, like adding rubber floor mats to prevent injury and stress on your back, knees and feet. Workers with positive ergonomic systems in place realize they are valued within the company, and thus are more productive.

2. Reduces Costs

Another one of the big advantages of ergonomics is that it helps to reduce costs. Obviously, reducing workplace injuries leads to reduced costs. But did you know that workplace design can also help bring costs down? Ergonomics of designing a workplace revolves around productivity. Workplaces should allow for good posture, less exertion, and fewer consistent motions. The more productivity, the less cost required for an employee to work on a project. Investing in workplace design is even more cost-effective for talent attraction than offering higher salaries or benefits.

3. Quality Of Work

Ergonomics focuses on the systems for efficiency and quality in workplaces. Poor ergonomics can lead to fatigue and employees becoming frustrated. This, in turn, will reduce the quality of work. Poor product quality becomes an issue that a good ergonomics system can help avoid. A fatigued worker may not complete a task as they were trained, causing more issues later on. Ergonomics can also alleviate the pressure of working under time restraints. A better design and workplace system allows more time for workers to complete projects efficiently and completely.

4. Accommodations

Employers need to provide accommodations to those with specific needs. The benefits of ergonomics also include such employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17.9% of persons with a disability were employed in 2016. Ergonomics can increase that number by providing specific accommodations. Whether it be travel, work-space design, or even the culture, ergonomics encompasses those with needs in the workplace.

5. Communication

Benefits of ergonomics can even be subtle. Along with the boosted morale, ergonomics improve communications in workplaces. Workers in a warehouse can often have a bias against change. Making the employees part of the change process is key. If communications are not kept between employees and management, change is seen as a threat to normality. Ergonomics reduces this bias and allows change to become more acceptable. Communicate with employees to include them in changes that most affect them.

Benefits Of Ergonomics And You

Ergonomics is more than just reducing costs and workplace injuries. It envelops the entire company and can benefit the morale and longevity of workers. Accommodations are important for each worker being productive and keeping the quality of work consistent and efficient. For more tips on increasing productivity and implementing a new ergonomics system, check out our blog!
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