Advantages of Using Tote Liners with Your Intermediate Bulk Containers

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Do you use Intermediate Bulk Containers in your operation? Are you looking for a way to increase your processing, handling space utilization and shipping efficiencies? Form Fit Liners for dry and liquid products eliminate the need for costly and time consuming container cleaning as the intermediate bulk container (IBC) is immediately available for reuse once the used liner has been removed, as well as provide a sanitary environment for your product during storage or shipment. They are available in various different film types to meet specific performance needs, including moisture or oxygen barrier, ultraviolet radiation inhibition, toughness and durability, anti-static properties, softness and pliability, recyclability, biodegradability, economy, clarity and aesthetics. Choose from form fit, foil, baffle, pillow, round bottom drum and clean room produced styles, depending on the style of the IBC you are using and your specific application needs. Benefits of Using Form Fit Liners with IBC'S include: • Protects from moisture, contamination and leakage during processing, storage and shipment. • Fill and dispense more quickly with less labor. • Fill and dispense more completely because there are no folds or pleats to trap material. • Reduce or eliminate container cleaning costs. • Reduce freight and warehousing costs by using space more efficiently. •  Improves safety by providing a stable, stackable package. • Reduce waste disposal costs as form fit liners require less material than comparable liners. • Improve the appearance of your product by providing a consistently square and uniform package.
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