Bug Season is Upon Us – Be Prepared to Combat Them

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Everyone gets excited when spring and summer arrive, along with the warmer weather, but what we don’t look forward to, is the return of pesky bugs that come with these seasons. Many companies have taken measures to combat them by installing electric and adhesive Bug Zappers, also called Insect Light Traps, which come in both inside and outside models depending on the areas you need to protect. They provide 24 hours a day protection, 365 days of the year, against a wide variety of flying insects such as yellow jackets, house flies, moths, beetles and bottle flies that can invade your working environment. What you may not realize is that fly trap light bulbs are made of a special mixture of phosphors that, when ignited, burn and emit an array of light meant to attract flying insects to them. They emit UV light primarily but also emit a certain amount of visible light (hence, the blueish hint that we can see). The phosphors that these bulbs are made up of will deplete over time emitting less and less UV light. The bulbs will remain visible to us but not to insect who are attracted to the UV light. Fly light bulbs will lose about 40% of their UV emission over a year and will steadily decrease from there. This is the reason we recommend changing bulbs annually so you have a highly effective insect light trap. Additionally, we recommend changing them in the spring months because the light traps will be more effective during peak insect season (around April-September depending on where you live). So don’t let the bugs win, make sure you replace your bug zapper lights so they are operating at full capacity. And while you are at it, don’t forget to order additional adhesive boards if you adhesive light traps.
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