Loading Dock Stop & Go Communication Lights – Their Significance and Benefits

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Loading dock safety will always be a fundamental concern for companies like yourself, so you will always be in search of ways you can enhance your operational efficiency. Loading Dock Stop and Go Communication Lights are an effective way to ensure the well-being of truck drivers, warehouse forklift drivers, dock lifters and other personnel, by helping to prevent accidents and mishaps, which can lead to injuries. Loading dock stop and go communication lights are designed to inform truck drivers outside and loading dock personnel inside of the status of loading and unloading operations at the dock. Adding such a streamlined communications system for industrial vehicle drivers and loading personnel considerably helps manage the loading dock traffic flow, which significantly minimizes the chances of mishaps and accidents, by preventing unscheduled truck departures and trailer entries. How Does the System Work? Suffice to say that it is universally understood that a red light indicates that you should stop your vehicle while the green light permits you to move. When an industrial vehicle or a truck is safely parked in the loading dock region of the warehouse, the green light will flash inside, which in turn will signal the forklift driver it is safe to enter the trailer and start the loading or unloading process. When the light is turned to green inside the building, the light outside is red, which indicates to the truck driver that he should not move the vehicle. Once the trailer or the truck is completely unloaded, the light inside the building will turn red, which means that forklift drivers should stay clear of the truck. At the very same time, the light outside will turn green, which means that the truck driver is clear to move the vehicle away from the loading dock. The Bottom Line Loading dock stop and go communication lights can significantly boost your operational efficiency, while ensuring a safer environment for truck drivers and personnel.
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