The Benefits of Commercial Bug Zappers and Why Your Warehouse Should Invest in Them

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Summer is here and it’s time to look at investing in a bug zapper if you haven’t already. This time of year, the bugs and insects are out in full force and can be an annoyance when you are working. Not only can they be pesky, some can bite and cause discomfort as well. There is also the potential of sanitary issues, if your warehouse is manufacturing or storing any food related products.

Electric & Adhesive Models are Available

Commercial bug zappers are machines that draw insects towards them via light and either zap them with electricity or trap them with adhesive. These devices decrease the population of insects and bugs around your home or your commercial property. The basic design of most bug zappers is the same – there’s a square shaped or lantern shaped box, which uses ultra violet lights to lure those pesky creatures. Wire or mesh grids surround the light bulbs that are powered by a transformer that either electrocutes the bugs or adheres them to a glue board, depending on which type you are using. We have highlighted some of the top reasons warehouses should invest in bug zappers.

Eliminates Bugs

Well, this one is obvious. bug zappers get rid of the annoying bugs around your warehouse. By installing a commercial bug zapper in your warehouse, it helps you eliminate bugs, which keeps your food and other items in storage, safe from being contamination by bugs.

No Health Risk

One huge benefit of electric bug zappers is that they come with no health risks. They help get rid of annoying insects without any chemicals or dangerous materials that can be harmful for your workers or for the items stored in your warehouse. The metal grid and outer casing help cover the inside of the bug zapper, which means that your workers are safe from the electric current of the bug zapper. Conversely, if you choose to spray insects with chemicals to kill them, you will have a hard time. Most sprays used for killing bugs are filled with poisonous and harmful chemicals which can have a detrimental effect on the health of your workers, the materials stored in the warehouse and the environment.

Easy Installation and Cleaning

Bug zappers usually have a metallic grid, which doesn’t get dirty easily. Even if it gets dirty, only a rag and a light wipe is required to clean it. The bug zapper can be easily installed anywhere in the warehouse, as most designs are portable and made to sit or be installed quickly and easily to a wall.

Makes the Environment Comfortable for Workers

Insects can affect the working environment of your warehouse. Your workers won’t be able to complete the job efficiently if the bugs in the warehouse keep annoying them. With the help of a commercial bug zapper, you can quickly get rid of the bugs to make the environment comfortable for workers and allow them to work without any worry and with increased efficiency. These are some of the benefits that a commercial bug zapper can offer for your warehouse. It is worth investing in one for your warehouse because they will make the environment comfortable for your workers, get rid of the bugs and insects and keep your items under storage safe from being contaminated by bugs. We offer an assortment of bug zappers and other great products you may find helpful for your operation. Contact our knowledgeable team for any questions you may have regarding the bug zappers or other products!
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