Choosing the Right Level Dunnage Air Bag for Your Shipment

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One of the most effective ways to stabilize your load during shipment is to place Dunnage Air Bags in between your pallet loads to fill voids and brace the load, to prevent shifting that can cause damage. Each dunnage air bag is rated as a certain “level” air bag. Each “level” is approved for use with certain modes of transportation, depending on the needs of that transportations environment. Because there are many different modes of transportation that you can use to ship your goods, and many different types and levels of dunnage air bags available to choose from, how do you know which type and level to use with which mode of transportation? Dunnage Air Bags are classified as either lightweight or heavyweight. Lightweight dunnage air bags, Levels 0-1, are mostly used as lateral void fillers in boxcars, trailers and sea containers. Heavyweight dunnage air bags, Levels 2-4 are used as lengthwise void fillers in boxcars with payload weight ranging from less than 75,000 lbs. to as high as 205,000 lbs. Here is an easy guide to help answer that question: Dunnage Air Bag
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