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YOUR CHALLENGE: Cold Air Infiltration into Work Area from Freezer

  • Using strip door plastic does not block much freezer cold air from escaping when the door is open for production access.
  • Freezer used for storage and moving product in and out, but cold air causes discomfort for workers outside of the freezer.
  • Strip material is dangerous for visibility of traffic in and out.
  • Strip material does not block the rapid flow of cold air at the floor from escaping.
  • Energy costs increase with this escaping cold air.
  • Workers productivity is reduced due to discomfort from being cold.

DACO’S SOLUTION:  ETD Climate Control Air Curtain

  • Install a heated ETD climate control air door mounted to the outside, above the freezer door.
  • Limit greatly the amount of cold air escaping from the freezer at floor level.
  • Increased worker comfort outside of the freezer area.
  • Increased productivity of workers, as they can concentrate on work instead of how to keep warm.
  • Heat from the air curtain can be adjusted for comfort.
  • Strip door material can be removed for better visibility and safety.
  • Frost in freezer and energy costs are reduced.
For more information Powered Aire ETD Climate Control Air Curtains, click here.  
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