Could Your Employees Benefit From Rubber Floor Mats?

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Many businesses and warehouses are suffering from an unproductive workforce thanks to their concrete floors. But you don’t need to have your employees be uncomfortable all day while they work. Rubber floor mats might be the perfect way to energize your workforce and boost your profits and productivity all at the same time.

Effects Of Concrete Floors

Standing on concrete floors can have lasting effects on employee health and productivity. While this is uncomfortable for your employees, it can eventually bleed into the bottom line of your business. After all, happy and comfortable employees are productive employees.

Some of the downsides to having your employees stand on concrete floors all day include:

  • Physical fatigue: the human body isn’t meant for standing in one place for hours at a time. Standing on concrete reduces blood flow to various muscles throughout the body. In fact, our legs are designed for consistent walking over natural surfaces. Employees who stand on concrete floors for long stretches of time run the risk of discomfort and stress in their feet, legs and back.
  • Poor workforce performance: employees that are stressed out or uncomfortable will be less likely to give their job 100% of their effort. This can have a serious effect on their overall efficiency, speed, and customer relations. Disgruntled employees can damage customer relations and tired employees will stock or move product or perform other tasks at slower paces and with less accuracy than comfortable, energized employees.

Benefits Of Rubber Floor Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats are a great solution to the above problems. In fact, they have benefits both for your employees and your business as a whole.

Employees who stand on rubber floor mats will be able to comfortably contract and relax their muscles. This simulates the walking motion and is more natural and comfortable for working humans. This will also improve overall blood flow throughout the body and make your employees more energized and alert, as their fatigue will be lessened.

In addition, employees that are happy and comfortable will be more likely to smile and approach customers and their fellow employees with a productive, contagious attitude.

Your business will benefit from this new and improved attitude. For one, happy employees are less likely to quit your business, requiring you to devote substantial time and money to find a replacement. In addition, workers who are productive and motivated at their job will perform the required tasks more quickly and accurately. Your customer service ratings may rise as well.

All of these will have a positive effect on your bottom line, saving you money in labor retention costs and earning you money thanks to better employee productivity.

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Our rubber floor mats are the best choice when it comes to solving the problem of concrete floors. They are impervious to various kinds of acids and other corrosive materials and have a life expectancy of 3 to 8 years. Contact DACO and find out more about our exceptional anti fatigue mats today!

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