Curtain Walls vs. Permanent Walls for Area Separation

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Are you looking to reconfigure your industrial space to create a safer work environment and maximize workflow? Although traditional construction has been the go to way for decades, today businesses have a more convenient solution at their disposal: curtain walls. With these systems, you can customize your workspace without the cost, downtime and permanence of traditional construction. Here are a few reasons why you should consider curtain wall systems for area separation in your facility:

Easy & Clean Installation

Installing a curtain wall is faster, cleaner and easier than permanent wall construction. Best of all, it doesn’t require any special permits and can be installed throughout your facility without generating debris and dust - which is the case with standard construction - that can cause inconvenience and hassle for your business, especially if you operate in the food processing industry.


Permanent walls are rigid, two-dimensional structures. They are permanent in nature and undynamic when it comes to their application potential. Curtain walls, however, come equipped with a track and roller system that lets you easily slide it out of the way whenever needed. This means you can retract your wall sections to increase your workspace. In addition, they can be relocated and used elsewhere depending upon your changing needs.


Curtain wall systems can be constructed with a clear window in the middle, allowing you to see through the wall and providing you with a much-needed safety feature. For instance, let us say you are operating a forklift - you will be able to see clearly whether any one is present on the other side of the wall to prevent the risk of accidents.


As you might have guessed, curtain walls are quite thinner than permanent walls. Where the latter is usually between 10 to 12 inches deep, the former is less than 1/8 inches thick! The mounting hardware is not that thick either, so rest assured that these systems would take up only a little amount of space in your facility’s ceilings.


Last but definitely not the least, curtain wall systems cost considerably less than permanent wall construction. These modular walls typically cost 40 to 60 % less than traditional construction, which means you can optimize your workspace for the fraction of the price. These are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider choosing curtain wall systems over permanent walls for your facility. Why not try them and see the results for yourself?
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