Challenge Solver - Custom Steel Mezzanines

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DACO Challenge Solver

YOUR CHALLENGE:   Need to expand production and office areas

  • Need additional square footage for production area and offices but are out of room.
  • Can’t afford new construction and/or leased space costs.
  • Need the additional space as soon as possible.

DACO’S SOLUTION:   Custom Steel Mezzanine

  • Custom manufactured to meet your specific ­applications.
  • Steel mezzanines help maximize existing facility cube by building up and taking advantage of ­unused vertical space, doubling or tripling space inside your existing facility.
  • Construction time is shorter than stick built and usually less expensive.
  • Save expensive new construction and leased space costs.
  • Steel mezzanines can be combined with modular offices to create additional office, lunch room, conference room or production areas.
  • Eliminate land acquisition costs, additional ­­property taxes, extra insurance premiums and ­additional energy costs.
  • Qualifies for accelerated tax depreciation.
For more information on custom steel mezzanines, click here.  
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