Essential Material Handling And Safety Products For All Types Of Warehouses

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Employee safety is often at the foremost of importance when coordinating a warehouse operation. Maintaining compliance with safety standards without compromising productivity is best achieved by employing various safety products in conjunction with an assortment of efficiency-boosting material handling products. Here are some examples of essential material handling and safety products that you may find in different types of warehouses.

Material Handling Products: Pallet Jacks & Hand Trucks

Moving stocked pallets around a warehouse would be incredibly straining for employees if not for the various types of pallet jacks located throughout most warehouses. Manual pallet jacks typically use hydraulic pressure to lift a pallet above wheels, but they may also be electrically powered.

Hand trucks, on the other hand, allow warehouse workers to easily and safely move large volumes of products that are not seated atop a pallet. While most standard hand trucks only consist of a frame with two wheels at the base, convertible hand trucks can be converted into a four-wheeledplatform that can be used to easily move additional products.

Warehouse Safety Products

Warehouse work environments often contain potentially dangerous machinery that can pose a significant threat to the health and safety of people and products within the workspace. Guard rails, aisle guards, safety steel bollards, track guards, and hand safety railings are some of the safety products that are essential for optimal warehouse safety.

Guard Rails & Safety Steel Bollards

Heavy-duty safety guard rails are designed to protect products, machinery, buildings, and, most importantly, people, from damage or injury caused by forklifts, pallet jacks, or other machinery. The quality and style of safety guard rail system you select will determine the level of impact that it can safely withstand.

Safety bollards serve a similar purpose. These highly durable steel beams are placed in front of valuable equipment, water supply systems, or other critical areas of a warehouse in order to protect them from impacts.

Aisle & Track Guards

Warehouse racking systems are often highly vulnerable to impacts from forklifts and other vehicles that are being used throughout the workspace. Aisle guards are solid beams that are designed to minimize damage to warehouse pallet racking systems in case of an impact. Warehouse door systems are also vulnerable to impacts, so track guards can be installed to absorb impacts that damage your door systems.

Hand Safety Railing

The floors of warehouses are at high risk of being rendered hazardous by materials such as oil or water. Industrial hand safety railings can be installed along the path of work platforms, balconies, stairs, or other pathways in order to help warehouse workers maintain their balance. Safety hand railings are often a legal requirement that warehouses must install in order to meet building codes.

For Quality Warehouse Equipment and Supplies, Choose DACO!

Purchasing and installing the appropriate safety products is an essential part of running any successful warehouse operation. Warehouse decision-makersshould also consider purchasing material handling products that improve the working conditions for their employees. Contact DACO now to order any of the warehouse safety products mentioned above and be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all of our warehouse material handling products and solutions.

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