Is Your Wine Barrel Inventory Safe during an Earthquake?

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Many wineries unfortunately discovered after the Napa Valley earthquake last year, that their wine barrel racks could not withstand the motion caused by the earthquake and collapsed, destroying many barrels of wine, and with them their profits. One solution to help avoid this same problem in the event of another earthquake, is Bonar’s Rack Master plastic wine racks. They were able to prove, through testing done at UC Berkeley’s Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, that the plastic material construction allowed the rack and barrels stacked in them, to absorb more energy than their steel counterparts, resulting in less stress being put on the wine barrels themselves. The 2 barrel plastic wine rack passed 125% of the Napa quake’s energy at the epicenter with barrels stacked 6 high. In comparison their steel counterpart 2 barrel racks could only pass the same test at 75% of the seismic energy. You work too hard to produce your wine to have it destroyed by an earthquake out of your control. These Rack Master plastic wine barrels put the control to protect your wine back in your hands. For more information, please click here.
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