Loading Dock Equipment that Improves Safety

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Loading docks can be one of the most hazardous landscapes compared to a multitude of other workplace conditions. And that is primarily because of the fact that there are many types of hazards all present at the very same instance, which could lead to accidents. The only way to ensure loading dock safety is through investing in adequate loading dock equipment. There is a myriad of loading dock equipment and accessories that you can incorporate in your day to day dock operations to ensure safer handling of goods.

Loading Dock Safety Equipment

Dock Seals & Shelters – Dock seals & shelters are really important for keeping your warehouse energy efficient in any working conditions. By forming a seal around the truck, they prevent warm and/or cold air from entering, as well as protecting from outside contaminants during loading and unloading. Dock Levelers – The dock leveler is an important asset to dock loading safety and acts as a powerful and secure bridge between the loading dock and the truck that needs to be loaded and/or unloaded. Dock levelers come in several types, including mechanical, hydraulic, vertical and edge of dock; depending on the amount of traffic your docks sees every day. Truck Restraints – These restraints help prevent vehicle creep and premature trailer departure that can lead to possible injuries and equipment damage, which can ultimately reduce insurance claims. Loading Dock Accessories – Smart tech and innovative loading dock accessories can also boost your warehouse operations and provide your workers with a high level of convenience and safety. Stop & Go Communication and other light systems for loading docks are also available to help you promote a safer and more efficient loading dock environment.

The Bottom Line

All in all, by installing any of these loading dock equipment solutions, you will be providing a safer environment for loading dock area, your employees and your product.
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