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Pro-Tech Mats Industries, Inc. was founded in 1994 after our president Randy Ernst, and his wife Darlene Ernst our CFO, spent over 23 years in the automotive business and suffered from heal spurs, bad knees, fused vertebrae in the lower back and sciatic nerve problems from working on hard, wet, and oily concrete floors. With both of them coming from an industry where service is important, they decided that they wanted to create a anti fatigue floor mat that would provide the best relief possible to those whose jobs required standing for extended lengths of time, and Ortho Mat® was born. Now 17 years later, PTMI offers many types of mats for use in all kinds of applications. We have been working with DACO, one of our larger distributors, for years and by listening to our customers needs, we have developed and expanded our line to include many specialized types of anti fatigue floor mats for a wide variety of industries from food service to aeronautics and even for horse stalls; that’s right, we believe that even horses deserve the best environment possible to stand on. Some of the many types of anti fatigue floor mats we offer include:
  • The original Ortho 1 which contains an antimicrobial additive helping to prevent mold, mildew, fungus or any food borne illness.
  • Ortho 2 mat which is primarily used for industrial applications and generally made into custom sized runners.
  • Ortho Tuff Skin offers an anti-slip surface which combines our Ortho I with a very durable protective coating that is even high heel friendly. It comes in a wide variety of styles including horse mats, machinists and platform mats, fruit & vegetable mats, salon mats, interlocking floor tiles and foot dip mats. The great thing about Tuff Skin is that is can be cut into any size or shape you need, it can even be custom die cut.
  • Ortho Tuff Scrape which has a unique pattern that effortlessly removed dirt and debris from your shoes and is ideal as an entry mat.
  • Ortho Duro which is our welding anti fatigue matting with a top layer that can withstand hot metal sparks and is metal chip resistant.
  • Ortho ESD that is designed for protection against electrostatic discharge.
Pro-Tech Mats has made it our mission to help create an environment that promotes employee wellness and increases productivity and morale by improving workplace comfort, so keep your suggestions coming, we love it when you get creative. For more detailed information on Ortho Anti Fatigue Floor Mats, click here.  
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