Manufacturers Spotlight - Powered Aire Air Curtain Doors

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Powered Aire Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of stainless steel air curtains, is honored to be included in DACO Corp.'s line of professional material handling equipment products. Air curtain doors discharge an invisible barrier of air that flows down the full length and width of the door opening each time the door opens, preventing conditioned inside air from escaping and untempered outside air from entering. Dramatic energy savings can be achieved by installing an air curtain door above a door opening, and the barrier of air also prevents insects, fumes, cigarette smoke, dumpster odors, dust and other contaminants from entering. Since 1997, Powered Aire has manufactured a full line of high performance unheated and heated air curtain doors for the industrial, commercial, material handling, door and food service markets, serving local, national and international clients. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Greenville, Pa. Powered Aire’s commercial model line includes the CED (customer entry) BCE and BCT (insect control), ETD (climate control), low profile Mini-Power model and above-the-ceiling Chameleon, which features a decorative air intake/discharge grille. The industrial air curtain line includes the TSD for up to 17-ft. heights, the EHD for up to 22 ft. heights, and the BPA (Big Powered Aire) for up to 30 ft. heights. In 2012, Powered Aire began offering their Cooler Aire Curtain and Freezer Aire Curtain, designed to combat moisture frost, ice buildup and fog at cold storage openings.

Powered Aire recently introduced a new unit, the TFD, for openings 10 to 14 ft. high. This model features 1.5 hp motors and is designed to provide better protection at dock, ground level and service door openings. No door opening to too big or too small, as Powered Aire can manufacture air curtain doors for openings up to 30 ft. high and 30 ft. wide in one single unit. In addition to its stainless steel case, what makes a Powered Aire Curtain unique is its internal plenum, which captures the air as it leaves the blowers and then discharges it, ensuring that the air leaves the unit in an even, invisible barrier across the full width and length of the opening. Despite the many miles that separate the two companies, Powered Aire and DACO have enjoyed a business relationship that goes back many years. As always, it remains a pleasure to work with the DACO staff and we at Powered Aire look forward to many more mutually successful years to come.   To learn more about Powered Aire Air Curtain Doors and how they can improve your workplace environment, click here.  
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