Manufacturers Spotlight - Starrco Modular Office Buildings

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Starrco Modular Office Buildings & Prefabricated Buidlings Starrco has been providing unique “out of the box” modular office building solutions since 1965.  They love the challenge of taking each customer’s unique applications and needs and creating a custom solution just for them. Whether it is a one or two story multiple office building; prefabricated portable office or guard shack; or a modular clean room; they provide solutions that require no cutting, sanding or painting, and can be installed in a fraction of the time of conventional stick built construction. They pride themselves in delivering the “Starrco Advantage” to each and every one of their customers, which includes:
  • Designed and engineered to meet your specific needs after a detailed needs assessment is performed.
  • Detailed CAD drawings and labeled components make installation quick and easy.
  • All materials are precut, mitered and completely finished prior to shipment, reducing build time dramatically.
  • Their modular office buildings can be easily and conveniently expanded, reconfigured and relocated if your needs should change.  Because they are relocatable, tax advantages are available over conventional construction.
  • Built in raceways allow quick installation of electrical, telephone and computer.
  • Start to finish installation is completed quickly, with no mess or disruption to your daily operations.

DACO has worked with Starrco for many years and we continue to be amazed with every new project we work with them on, how they are able to come up with quality, reliable solutions, even when it seemed impossible.   If you would like to learn more about Starrco Custom Modular Office Building Solutions, click here.  
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