Moving? - Reliable Alternative to Cardboard Boxes

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Here's an "Outside the Box" idea that a company in Germany called Turtlebox came up with.  They are purchasing Orbis reusable attached lid containers, also known as flipaks, and are renting them to people who are moving for use in place of standard cardboard boxes.  I thought this was a great idea and highlighted the many advantages of using reusable plastic containers over their cardboard counterparts.

Some of the main advantages of using reusable plastic containers versus cardboard boxes include:
  • Cardboard boxes have to be assembled and taped / reusable attached lid plastic containers come assembled and ready to load.
  • Cardboard boxes can be easily crushed, damaging their contents / reusable attached lid plastic containers have rigid, sturdy sides, top and bottom protecting the contents from damage.
  • Cardboard boxes quite often are single use and have to be disposed of / reusable attached lid plastic containers are reusable time and time again reducing what ends up in our landfills.
  • Reusable attached lid plastic containers can easily be stacked without crushing, unlike cardboard boxes that can easily be crushed.
  • Reusable attached lid plastic containers are waterproof unlike cardboard boxes.
I looked online and there are quite a few companies here in the United States that are offering the same type of service.  If you are moving, you might want to check online and see if there is a company in your area.  It sounds like a great way to go.  
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