Smart Phones and Their New Roles in Warehouse Operations

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In these highly technological times, smartphones can help you do just about everything - from making office presentations to even monitoring your heartbeat. In fact, they have even changed the way warehouses are operating today and are used to accomplish many daily tasks such as managing orders and data collection, among various others. If you are thinking about using smartphone technology in your warehouse, here are some benefits and how they are changing the paradigm of warehouse operations:

Familiar & Easy to Use

Since almost everyone is familiar with smartphones, you do not need to provide your employees with special training or classes to understand the array of functions it has to offer. All the tasks are performed by a simple touch on the screen! Therefore, implementing a technology in your operations, which your employees are already comfortable with, would lead to a definite increase in the efficiency of output.

High Level Technology

Besides being portable and easy-to-use, smartphones come packed with the most advanced technology and feature upgraded operating systems, enhanced processors and a vividly colored screen. Today, smartphones are so advanced that they have made a common person better equipped than a business when it comes to the fine processing of data.

On the Go Access

If you are like many executives and are constantly on the go, being able to easily access your data instantly is a must, and smartphones will help you do just that. No more waiting around for printed reports to make their way to your desk! This is because smartphones They will allow you to view your processes with ease, enabling you to make the best decisions possible in terms of your inventory.

Budget Friendly

Smartphones are a great way to cut costs considerably as they lower the amount of money a warehouse has to spend in purchasing and maintaining hardware. A brand new iPod or Android phone can be bought for less than 10% of the cost of a RF gun, and most companies already provide smart phones for their employees, so there is no need to purchase additional equipment. Smart phones are great multitaskers! As you can see, there are many advantages of incorporating smartphones into your warehouse operations, and they will help you to stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition. You can even create a dedicated app for your warehouse’s unique needs, making operations more profitable and efficient as these apps can improve the total workflow of your warehouse.  
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