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If your business is making the jump from traditional wooden palletsto plastic pallets, you may have some questions about which pallets are right for the job in your operation. You already know that a plastic pallet can be a great alternative to a wooden version because they’re more durable and reusable, but what makes each type of plastic pallet different?

The ins and outs of plastic pallet varieties can feel daunting, but we’re here to make it a bit easier on you and your warehouse crew.

Features Of Export Plastic Pallets

Export plastic pallets are lightweight, inexpensive tools that are ideal for one-way shipments and air cargo shipments. They are made of recyclable plastic that does not need to be fumigated like most wooden pallets do. These export pallets also won’t cause you any issues getting out of the country: it is designed to help you avoid problems at customs. Customers use these export plastic pallets for a range of items, including beauty, pharmaceutical, and automotive.

All About Nestable Pallets

Nestable plastic pallets are great ways to save space in your warehouse, as each one offers up to a 4 to 1 nesting ratio. That means more space in your warehouse and, thus, more money saved. These types of pallets are often used in retail situations wherein the look of a pallet may be of importance to a customer. They’re also a cleaner and safer alternative to wooden pallets.

Stackable Plastic Pallets For Your Business

If you’re looking for a plastic pallet that stacks as opposed to nests, stackable plastic pallets are perfect for your business. Often used in food and beverage industries and pharmaceutical industries, stackable plastic pallets can also be made from FDA-approved materials, and fire-retardant materials. These plastic pallets are far more hygienic than wooden pallets, which is part of what makes them ideal for food and beverage purposes. Depending your needs, they also come in vented or solid styles.

The Rackable Pallet Type

Rackable plastic pallets can be made of the same non food grade, FDA-approved or fire-retardant materials that stackable plastic pallets can, but are stored in a different way. Rackable pallets are designed to be used with racking systems to optimize valuable floor space in your.

Ins And Outs Of FM-Approved Plastic Pallets

FM-Approved plastic pallets are ones that have been officially approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM-approved). They can be rackable with the proper racks and are completely hygienic.

Need More Help Choosing The Right Plastic Pallets?

No matter which plastic pallet variety you choose for your business, DACO can help. Contact us any time,and we will walk you through the pallet purchasing process and can help you find the perfect pallet jack as well, to move them around your facility.

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