Reduce Warehouse Energy Costs & Consumption

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When warehouses take the time to explore innovative ways to reduce waste and optimize flow, the benefits cannot only be bottom-line friendly, but as well as eco-friendly! If you are looking to make your warehouse greener with a modest investment, here are some effective ways you can make your operations more eco-friendly:
  • Replace batt insulation with more efficient loose fill or spray foam insulation.
  • Replace existing metal halide light fixtures with fluorescent lights, which use 50% less energy.
  • Install solar light tubes to increase natural lighting.
  • Change from ceiling lights to tasking lighting that is closer to the workers.
  • Install light motion sensors in appropriate areas, so lights are only one when needed, and off when not.
  • Install programmable thermostats to control warehouse temperature.
  • Cool your roof by painting it with a highly-reflective paint, to help reduce the amount of building heat absorption.
  • Install destratification fans to help direct heat downward.
These are just a few of the ways you can realize energy savings, while being more eco-friendly to the earth.
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