Challenge Solver - Reusable Hand Held Plastic Containers

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YOUR CHALLENGE - Broken & Odd Sized Wooden Trays

Cutter Wood Trays
  • Wood trays are breaking and cracking, compromising the product stored in them.
  • Mismatched sized trays do not interstack well with each other.
  • Unstable during transport.
  • Lack of handles make trays hard to ­handle, especially when containing heavy product.

DACO'S SOLUTION:  NSO1215 Stackable Plastic Bins

  • To explore the variety of hand held plastic containers that are available and see if one might be a solution for you, click here.    Durable, sustainable, plastic stack and nest containers. Colors available for easier ­identification.
  • Same footprint for universal stacking.  Other height options are available for larger loads, but still allow for interstacking.
  • Stack and lock together for secure and stable storage or transport.
  • Improved space utilization when storing and transporting.
  • Ergonomic handles improve gripping and allow for easy handling.
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