Five Signs Your Pallet Rack System Might Not Be Safe

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The pallet rack system is an integral part of a warehouse business. Considering the significant amount of money you have invested in it, it’s imperative you keep a regular check on your pallet racking system for signs of damage. Pallet rack failures can occur due to a variety of reasons and could be risky for your workers and extremely costly in terms of lost inventory and clean-up. However, if you are able to identify these problems beforehand, you can hire a professional to make pallet rack repairs at the right time, and prevent them from escalating. So, what should you be looking for during pallet racking inspection? Here are five signs your pallet rack system might not be safe:
  1. Beam Deflection

If the beams show a large amount of deflection, it indicates your pallet racking system is overloaded. The beam connectors should be parallel at an upright angle. Any visible deformation means your racking is or has been overloaded. In this situation, it’s best to call an expert for inspection right away so the necessary repairs can be made.
  1. Twisted Uprights

If an upright is twisted, cracked, or shows damage, a new section can be spliced in or replaced completely, as well as the foot plate. Repairs can be made to the system without having to empty it. Contact a professional to help you with this.
  1. Missing Safety Clips

Examine the beams of your pallet racking system for damage as well as for replacing missing safety clips. Make sure you only use approved replacements. If your safety clips are being dislodged regularly, contact the installer or manufacturer to determine why and implement the necessary corrective measures.
  1. Bent Braces

If the racking braces are bent, diagonal or horizontal, you should get in touch with an expert to make the necessary replacements. This is usually a sign you are overloading your pallet racking system, and considering the crucial role braces play in withstanding the load of your inventory, you need to have them replaced right away.
  1. Out of Plumb Racking

Out of plumb racking can be a result of settling of floor slab, overloading or impact. In this scenario, you should contact the installer or equipment manufacturer to determine what needs to be done. So, when carrying out routine pallet racking inspections, stay on the lookout for the aforementioned signs. This way, you can make the required pallet rack repairs and prevent your system from failing or collapsing.
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