Top Dog Apron & Gown Product Selection Guide

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Looking for color coded aprons and gowns to help support your HACCP program? We can help! Read on to find out everything you need to know about the aprons, gowns and sleeves by Top Dog and what you should keep in mind before making your next purchase.

Top Dog Product Features

Top Dog offers high quality reusable garments that have specifically been designed in compliance with color coded HACCP programs. Created to match Vikan and Remco color codes, the products offered by Top Dog are manufactured keeping Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plans in mind to ensure that they are effectively incorporated in all facilities and industries. With color coding, quality control also becomes much easier and it is possible to check with great ease whether or not the right people are using the right tools to perform certain tasks in designated areas. Durable and hygienic, the products offered by Top Dog are perfect for use with Remco products that are popular amongst the industry for cleaning and maintaining hygiene and sanitation. In addition to being reusable, the products offered by Top Dog are also waterproof and are made from FDA approved materials. What’s more is that these products are environmentally friendly and resistant to chemical and acid sanitation products making them ideal for use in quite a number of situations.

Quality and Durability

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Top Dog makes it a point to maintain the quality and durability that customers have grown to love. In fact, the unmatched durability and reusability of Top Dog products has also helped customers save up to 50% when compared to disposable products. Top Dog

Material Comparison

The materials used in manufacturing Top Dog products are essentially what help them gain the competitive edge. Manufactured using FDA approved ether-based polyurethane, the main products of Top Dog are not only durable and reusable, but they are also protected against cracking and damage that are common problems for other products that come with claims of being reusable. These aprons and gowns don’t crack or have seams or holes in them where contaminants and elements can get trapped, even after excessive use, allowing the products to be used for far longer than other similar products. Additionally, the products manufactured by Top Dog are also flexible and stretchable, allowing them to regain their original shape and reducing the risk of permanent damage. Below, we’re letting you in on some details of the more popular products of the main Top Dog line and showing you how they differ from each other.

6 Mil Die Cut Aprons

The 6 mil die cut aprons by Top Dog are by far the most popular product available in the range – and for good reason. The 6 mil die cut aprons are available in two different sizes, 45” and 50” lengths) and are only shipped in full cases. Each case of these aprons contains 36 individual pieces. These aprons can not only be used reversibly, but they also fit over clothes without any problems. For increased safety, they may be used with Top Dog sleeves.

8 Mil Die Cut Aprons

Much like their 6 Mil counterparts, the 8 Mil Die Cut Apron by Top Dog are also available in 45” and 50” lengths. These aprons are shipped in full cases of 24 individual pieces and are highly resistant against tears and punctures.

6 Mil Gowns

The 6 Mil Gowns offered by Top Dog are available in large and extra large sizes to accommodate all types of people. The gowns come in cases with 10 individual pieces and offer complete protection thanks to the combined sleeves. The back of these gowns has purposely been left open to maximize ventilation and reduce the weight of the gown.


Sleeves by Top Dog are available in 18” and 21” lengths and provide protection for a large area from above the elbow all the way down to the wrist. Elastic has been added to both ends of the sleeves to ensure that they stay in place. Interested in Remco products? Contact us to find out how you can get your hands on the best safety products in town today!
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