Workhorse TD-88A Strapper Provides Product Protection

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In the last few years, the popularity of plastic strapping machines has increased over other packaging options. They provide optimal packaging performance at a fairly reasonable cost. Not to mention, since heat or friction seals are used in place of metallic seals to weld the strap, damage to products is reduced considerably. The TD-88A strapping machine from Workhorse™ is a semi-automatic strapping machine that has half the parts of various other tabletop strappers on the market. It features electronic tension, two motors and a compressed interior structure, making it simple to use and conduct maintenance and repairs on. More importantly, it offers a wide range of benefits for product packaging, including:

Enhanced Protection

This plastic strapping machine has been manufactured to meet the toughest packaging requirements. It can be used to pack boxes of almost any size and offers exceptional retained tension qualities, ensuring the plastic strap remains tight around the box, even after its size has shrunk or the package has settled. So, with the TD-88A strapper, you can provide your products the protection the y need.

UV and Moisture Resistant

Since the Workhorse™ TD-88A uses polypropylene as its strapping material, it protects your products from moisture. Therefore, you can prevent the rusting that may occur by using other packaging options, ensuring your products reach their destination without any defects in quality. Moreover, this type of plastic is also resistant to the UV rays of the sun, hence, exposure for long periods of time will not affect your product.

Ease of Disposal

Last, but not the least, the strapping can easily be rolled or bent for ease of disposal. This process can be made quicker by using a strap chopper. Use it to cut the strapping into smaller pieces, so you can recycle the strapping in proper and responsible manner. So, are you looking for a better way to package your products? Then look no further plastic strapping machines, such as the Workhorse™ TD-88A. It can provide your products the durable protection they need at the most competitive price in the market!
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