Young Man Teaches Us All a Lesson in Commitment

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I started my day this morning like I always do; checking my e-mails, and drinking a cup of coffee while listening to the radio.  I heard the DJ talking about the story of an Indianapolis young man, Jhaqueil Reagan, who had started out last Friday to walk 10 miles, in the cold and snow, to get to a job interview.  I was intrigued so I looked it up on line and was blown away by his story. He had lost his mother two years earlier and had dropped out of school to take care of his siblings.  He had a job interview for a minimum wage job, and because he had no money for the bus, he was walking in the snow to get to that interview.  Along the way, Jhaqueil meets a local restaurant owner, Art Bouvier,  who ends up offering him a ride the rest of the way to his interview.  He didn't get the job, but what he did get was a call from Art Bouvier offering him a job, much closer to home, that he could start that night. With all of the negative news stories these days, this story is such an inspiration.  This young man reminded us all how we can take our own jobs for granted sometimes, and that when we show commitment and responsibility, good things can happen.  Koo-dos to the restaurant owner for recognizing what an exceptional young man he is and offering him a chance at a better life for himself and his siblings.  It gives us hope that there are still good people out there willing to jump in and help make a difference in a strangers life. Due to the power of social media, this story has gone viral on Facebook, with thousands of people making comments on restaurant owner's Facebook page, Papa Roux Po-Boys and Cajun Eats, including myself, just in the last couple of days.  Hopefully good things will come their way as well, because they deserve it. On a personal note, I feel very fortunate to love my job and the people I work with, and hopefully will never take it for granted.  I would hope that if I were to see someone in need, I would try to help no matter how big or small the gesture, because we can all help make a difference.  
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